Summary: Rodney's not coping.

Updated: 12 May 2007; Published: 12 May 2007

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Story Notes:
Attention! Extremely kinky. Noncon/rape and 'not quite' consensual bondage. Angst. Read at your own risk!

Beta-ed by Sick-Gabby.

Part 1

That's what EM-fields do to you: Long hikes through the wilderness with your team and a bunch of marines who send you the evil glare if you so much as say one thing about the weather or other awful environmental conditions. Okay, his talking might have sounded a little bit like complaining, but so what? Not everyone is made for the whole 'suffering in silence' thing.

After six hours of trekking Rodney isn't feeling like complaining anymore. With all the heavy breathing and gasping and setting one foot in front of the other there's just no energy left for grumbling. The good thing about it is that he isn't the only one having difficulties at this point. Even Sheppard and a few of the stupid marines seem pretty much tired out. Not Teyla or Ronon, of course, but they don't count. Apparently he's gotten fit in the past few years. Who would have thought?

"So," he says, panting. "How about a break?"

"Shut up, McKay," Sheppard says, clearly annoyed.

"What?" he asks, grumpily. "Even your jarheads are ready to call it quits for a while, just look at them! They're tired, you're tired, I am tired. Everyone's tired - well, with the exception of our two brave Pegasus heroes, but, hey. They don't count."

Sheppard suddenly comes to a halt, forcing everyone to stop. He slowly turns around and begins: "McKay..."

Teyla lays a hand on his arm and cuts him off: "Dr. McKay is right. We should take a break." She shakes her head. "Look at this terrain. We can't afford carelessness; someone could get seriously hurt. A delay of fifteen minutes won't matter. We will reach the village well before nightfall."

Sheppard takes a deep breath. "Ok, folks, fifteen minutes. Simmons, go tell Gruber." The headsets don't work, either, of course. Rodney sits on a tree stump with a heartfelt groan. This trip is a nightmare.

The marines don't seem happy even if they are clearly worn-out, too. But since they are used to doing what they are told they don't complain loudly. The big one who's been grinding his teeth the whole time Rodney has made his opinions widely known gives him the evil eye. Rodney ignores him.

The fifteen minutes, of course, are far too short. But at least he doesn't feel completely dead on his feet anymore once they continue to walk.

An hour later they arrive at the village. Oh, this is such a complete waste of time. The place looks like the slums of Pegasus. There are only a few haggard people standing around, gaping. Not used to visitors, obviously. Well, no one's shooting at them yet, at least.

Teyla and Sheppard walk up to one of the natives and do their meet-and-greet-dance: We're friendly traders, we mean you no harm, take us to your leader.

Rodney rolls his eyes. Ronon smirkes.

The guy doesn't say much; or nothing at all, really; and in the end just motions them to follow.

Rodney takes a good look around. In addition to the screaming poverty this place just smells of sickness: Everyone's apparently suffering from some nasty kind of ailment. Crooked limbs, bent backs, missing noses. Rodney is positively appalled.

Well, if they have any type of technology they are hiding it pretty well. A scanner would help, but, hey, EM-shield.

"So," he says to Ronon. "Do you think I can trade you for an MRE?"

"Don't want to have dinner in this place?" Ronon asks, but he obviously is as disturbed by the panorama as Rodney.

"Hell, no!" Rodney says feelingly.

"We should leave," Ronon decides. "This place stinks."

"I'm with you, buddy," Rodney agrees. "How does Teyla come up with these addresses?"

Ronon, of course, doesn't answer.

According to Teyla, her people stopped visiting this planet several generations ago because of the difficult track to the village and the resulting lack of trade possibilities. Apparently, no trust issues were involved. Well, the Athosians are a pragmatic people: No trade benefits - no friendship worth investing time in. Anyway, rumour says the natives are in possession of advanced, maybe even Ancient technology, so here he is. Unfortunately he's come without a functioning laptop or scanner (he's packed both anyway, even if it has been clear from the beginning they wouldn't work).

How is he supposed to find technology in a place like this? He sighs self-pityingly.

The native leads them to a pathetic hut at the far end of the village. It is slightly bigger than the others, but not a bit less pitiable. The marines are ordered to wait outside while Rodney and his team make nice with the local chieftain. These people are completely fucked up, even more than the average Pegasus society.

Once Rodney has adjusted to the low light in the room all of a sudden he grasps how fucked up they really are.

The woman in the middle has two hands. Attached to the right forearm. The left arm seems normal. Rodney can't help staring, mouth agape.



"Greetings," a middle-aged woman sitting on a bunch of cushions says. "I am Weran, Elder of the village. It has been many decades since we had visitors. I am very honoured and glad to welcome you."

Teyla does all the talking this time. Rodney isn't really listening. After the usual introductions a few cushions show up and everyone sits down on the floor.

Then Rodney's mind gets back into gear. He opens his mouth: "Colonel, a word please?"

Sheppard gives him one of those looks.

"It is important. Very. Important. And urgent." He insists. "Now, please?"

Sheppard gives the Elder an apologetic smile and gets up. Rodney follows him out of the hut.

"McKay, for your sake, I really hope this is indeed 'Very Important'."

"Are you blind, Colonel?"

Sheppard blinks.

Oh God, how can he not have seen this sooner?

"Look around you," he hisses. "This is Radiation World! We've been absorbing God knows what for ages now. No one can say what damage's already been done. Instead of chatting with the mutated village elder we should leave this sick, sick place. Right. Now."

Sheppard closes his eyes and pinches his nose.

"Before we all die a horrible death!" Rodney adds.

"You sure?" Sheppard asks, tiredly. It is clear he already believes him.

"Yes, Colonel," he says in his special voice, dedicated to the stupidest of the stupid. "My brain hasn't stopped working. Yet! For fuck's sake!"

"All right," Sheppard says and goes back into the room. Rodney stays outside, shivering. Damn.

The marines obviously understand the problem since they seem troubled now, too. Not as stupid as he's thought.

"Radiation! Funny way to die." Rodney offers.

None of them answers.

After a while, Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla leave the hut.

"Well, you certainly took your time. Let's go!"

"McKay," Sheppard says.

"What?" Rodney snaps.

The Colonel sighs. "We're not going to hike in the dark. We'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. These nice people are putting us up for the night."

"Are you crazy?" Rodney asks.

Teyla, again the voice of reason, explains: "The trail is far too dangerous when there is no light. We have no choice."

"Do you know what another twelve hours in this place will do to our bodies?" Rodney asks incredulously.

"No," Sheppard says. "Do you? Look. We don't know the kind and the extent of the radiation. The villagers have survived for several generations, and Carson will probably come up with some amazing cure."

Rodney opens his mouth. And closes it again.

"Fine," he says and stalks away, ignoring the calls.


They've put him, Sheppard and Ronon in an abandoned hut. Teyla got a single room with one of the less wretched families. Rodney doesn't pay attention to where the marines stay.

The others are dining with the Elder and her family. Rodney has refused as politely as he could muster. Watching sick people always ruins his appetite. And what could they be serving anyway? Mutated beans? No thanks. He eats two Powerbars, sitting barefoot on the small bed. They make the dizziness go away, though not the gnawing hunger. Luckily the hypoglycaemia hasn't made itself noticed. He'll eat one of the MRE's tomorrow morning. The other one he'll save for the hike.

He takes off his clothes and just lets himself drop down on the mattress. Well, at least the cushion is okay. Wow, it is goddamn hot in here! Hopefully there aren't any happy lice living in this mattress. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

After a few minutes he starts to drift.



Hey. Something is wrong. He opens his eyes. It's dark and he can't see a thing. Someone's quietly breathing behind him.


Hey, he can't move. Why can't he move? There's something...

Oh. This is bad. This is *so* bad!

And... oh God! There's a hand over his mouth and nose. Why is there a hand...?

What the hell... Oh nonono, it starts cutting his oxygen off. He can't breathe, he can't, oh God!

He starts to struggle frantically, but to no avail. He's going to die. He's surely going to die. This can't be happening to him, it just can't. He's not going to die here, he's...

Oh God. He can hear his blood roaring in his ears. It's so loud, and he can't breathe, and he can't move and he can't...

The man behind him is doing something. What is he doing? What the fuck? Oh, God, what...?

What. The. Hell. Is. Happening. Here? It's so dark, and he can't see. Just feel...

His arms are already bound tightly behind his back. When has that happened? How can he have slept through this?

Where is Sheppard?

Oh. Oh my God!

Rodney's getting even more hysterical. His scream is barely muffled by the fingers on his lips. Someone, oh, please, someone must be nearby... Sheppard! Where the hell is Sheppard? He's about to die here and where is Sheppard?

His assailant just stuffs some kind of cloth between Rodney's teeth and there are only small muffled whimpering sounds left to hear for anyone who might come looking for him. He chokes and tries to spit the gag out, but his attacker puts a tape over his mouth straight away.

"Shut your fucking trap, McKay," a quiet voice says. "For once keep it shut and take it like a man."

Oh shit, it's one of the marines.

What? How... ? Why...?

This is certainly not what he expected when he stepped through the gate that morning. How could anyone expect something like this? Normally it's the natives that go mad and try to kidnap and torture him for some crazy idea.

Oh God, what's going on here? And where the hell is everyone? Has everyone gone crazy? Was it the food?

Rodney is shaking helplessly as he's being unceremoniously rolled onto his stomach. The marine straddles him and yanks his hands and forearms up, using the rope tied around the wrists. Then he binds the rope to the collar around his neck.

Rodney hasn't even noticed it until this very moment.

Obviously satisfied, the man gives Rodney's ass a condescending pat through his boxers. Then he gets off his hips and starts pushing the garment down his thighs.

Oh God. Not this. This isn't happening.

This. Is. Not. Happening.

Rodney whimpers.

"I think I finally found a way to keep you silent, you simpering little coward."

After throwing the boxers aside, the attacker grabs his thighs and spreads them brutally. Wide. Rodney tries to kick him but he's no match for a trained marine.

This isn't real. No way can this be real.

Where is Sheppard?

His ankles are somehow being secured to the bed. He can't see. He tries to twist around, but there is no way he can move even a little bit.

"So, McKay. Got nothing to say? It's amazing. I'm not hearing anything."

Then there are three fingers. In one cruel push they breach him, fast and merciless and wet.

He feels his hole being stretched. His asshole is being broadened. Someone is broadening Rodney's asshole with his fingers.

He doesn't think of what is about to happen. No, he's not.

"If I were you and if I could speak I'd say 'thank you, Sir'. Since it's high time someone showed you your place."

Four fingers now.

Oh. Oh. Oh no. Nonononono. It's ... a nightmare. This is just a nightmare and he's going to wake up *now*!

Something tears. Rodney starts weeping.

"Like a little girl, now. Well, I should have known. Since you scream like a little girl, too."

Oh God, Sheppard. Where is Sheppard?

"Hey, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Colonel or the Satedan. They've gone to visit some people up in the caves."

Caves? What caves?

"And here I am on scientist-sitting-duty. Sheppard said to keep a close eye on you."

Rodney wants to fight. He has to fight back. This can't be happening.

"Oh, this is just pathetic, but you can keep it up, if you want. It's not as if you could ever be a match for me, even without the restraints."

Five fingers. Stretching his gap cruelly.


"I'm going to plough you so hard, your asshole will never be the same after my cock's rammed it. You'll feel my rod for the rest of the month. Hell, you'll think of it for the rest of your life. Think the science division is going to give me a medal?"

Rodney doesn't think. He doesn't want to think.

The fingers leave. Two hands take hold of his hips and pull them up until he kneels with his face still sticking to the wet cushion.

Then, with one push the marine buries himself to the hilt.

It is too big. Oh God, it is too big,

Rodney's shaking. He can't believe this. This isn't supposed to happen to him. This isn't...

There is a cock in his ass. Someone is sticking a big fat cock in his ass and splitting him open with it. It feels like a tree trunk.

Oh, and it burns.

"So. There. Bad, is it?"

Rodney keeps on weeping. Small pathetic sobs escaping through his gag.

The marine doesn't move. He's just filling Rodney's ass with his huge cock.

"I thought so. Your hole is pretty tiny. Well, it *was* pretty tiny until just a few moments ago. Who would have thought? Don't tell me you're a virgin, your face just screams 'fag'." He laughs.

"Anyway, next time your ass gets fucked it won't hurt as much. And your next top can thank me for greasing it. Well, I might even do a repeat performance to make sure it's properly trained."

With that the marine pulls his cock out until only the head remains inside. Then he pushes back in. Rodney rocks forward.

Then the marine pulls back out. And thrusts back in.

His speed increases and increases and increases still. After twelve, thirteen, fourteen thrusts he keeps a steady rhythm fucking Rodney.

The marine takes one hand off his hip and grabs Rodney's cock.

"Not enjoying it? I suppose you'll want me to do something about that."

He starts stroking it mercilessly in cadence with his thrusts. He rams him punishingly while crudely massaging Rodney's still very flaccid cock. With each of the oh so powerful thrusts Rodney gets shoved forwards. The bed is shaking and pounding against the wall.

No one comes.

The marine is panting, shoving into him faster and faster.

"I guess you'll thank me yet for this fine piece of fucking. Look at you. Huge ass; tight hole. Never seen a finer bottom. Humble and obedient now, just how I like'em. Maybe you need some more training, but I think you're a fast learner. You'll be fit to be used in no time."

It goes on and on. Rodney keeps his eyes closed, but he can't deny that he is being fucked. Truly being fucked in the ass. And the cock inside him still feels excruciatingly huge.

"Come on, how about some participation? Shove back, you know you want to. Slut! Fuck!"

Rodney doesn't want to, but he obeys anyway. At the next thrust he pushes back. And again. And again.

After that he gets into the rhythm.

The marine gasps. "As I said, fast learner. And as you will see, I'm a very good trainer. And a resilient one. I can fuck for hours. I think I might tonight. No one's going to interrupt us, anyway."

He pummels into Rodney, and it certainly feels as if they've been at it for hours already.

"Fuck. Fuck. Slut. This is. Oh yeah. Move, move, yes."

He goes faster and faster. It isn't possible to fuck this fast, Rodney thinks.

But it is.

It so is.

His asshole must be the size of a grapefruit now, and there is still friction. His cushion is completely wet now from all the crying.

"Fuck. I think I'll pound you back to the stargate. Maybe through it. How would you like that? Appearing in the gateroom with my cock up your ass? On your knees. Everyone would see you for what you really are."

Oh no.

This is bad. So bad.

His cock has started to harden.

No. Nononono.

"Ah. I knew it. I knew it!"

The marine goes on rutting.

"Oh, you're a greedy little hole. Just needed a good fucking. A cock to stuff your ass with. Yeah."

The thrusts are getting shorter now. He's close to coming, Rodney supposes.

His own cock isn't fully hard yet. Maybe it's over before he... before he...

The marine comes. Rodney feels his ass flooding with hot semen. The marine still continues pushing into him. Hard.

Another shove.

And another.

Finally – finally - he stops.

"Oaaaaaah." Rodney isn't listening. He isn't.

Seconds pass.

Is it over?

The marine's hands are still on Rodney's hip and prick; and the slowly softening cock is still lodged inside his ass. It twitches. Once, twice.

The man behind him is panting. "I see you haven't come yet, hole."

Rodney whimpers. Please let it be over. Please. Please, don't.

The cock slips out. With a lot of fluids following and pouring down his thighs.

The marine moves away and to his side. He kneels on the bed next to Rodney's head and bends over him.

Then he rubs his cock all over his face.

This is... this is. He can see it dimly; the cock is huge, even now in its softened state.

Once the marine is satisfied with the mess on Rodney's face he moves away.


"I think it's not been enough for you tonight; what do you think, slut?"

Another slap.

Oh God, he is being spanked. Spanked, after his ass has been fucked for the very first time in his life, still leaking come and blood.

"I like how your cheeks wobble. And your belly. It's very soft. I'd really like to see you on your back some time. With your knees next to my ears and your belly quivering under me."

The marine stops and gets up.




The belt hurts much more than the hand. Although it hurts a lot less than the pole pounding into him before.

"Honestly, I'd like to hear you count the strokes, but this is a lesson about silence."

The belt hits ass and thighs and is almost as ruthless as the marine's huge prick.

Rodney's cock doesn't wilt.

Oh God.

After an eternity it stops at last. There have been exactly twenty-five blows. Nothing is said.

Rodney stays where he is, shivering and sweating. His ass is throbbing both from the inside and outside now.

The marine removes his gag. Very very gingerly. Rodney licks his lips.

"I think you've earned your reward now. Since you don't know the rules yet, I've decided to cut you some slack. I think I'm very generous. Haven't I been generous to you?"

A fart escapes. Rodney cringes, but the marine only laughs.

"Oh yes, I greased you good. I think you need to say it, though."

Rodney swallows.


He shakes his head. A slap on his ass gets his attention.


"You've greased me good," Rodney says with a quivering voice.


Rodney shudders. "Thank you."

"For? I think you need to do it properly, slut."

Rodney starts crying again. He's sobbing, but he manages to get it out.

"Th-th-thank you for fucking me good."

"I think that needs a little more feeling. Give it another try."

He has to. He has to... Oh God...

"Thank you. So much. Oh. Oh. Uh. For, for, for... fucking my ass. P-ploughing it good and proper. I, I, I needed it so bad. I..."

"Good boy." The marine pats his ass. "I think you've learned your lesson. And now with your reward."

The hand grabs his cock again and starts rubbing it. The rhythm is unbearable. Rodney can't help it. He responds.

Oh. He's responding.

He... He...

Oh God, he's never been this stiff in his whole life.

"Well, nice prick you've got there. Hm, it's taken some time, but I think we're friends now."

With the other hand the marine grasps his balls and kneads them cruelly. It doesn't take long.

Rodney shrieks and comes hard. Hot spurts of semen burst out, staining bed and cushion. He comes and comes and comes, and through it all the marine keeps stroking his cock and balls.

When Rodney becomes aware of his surroundings again, his face is still leaking tears and spittle. Meanwhile the marine is busy removing the restraints around ankles and hands. Then he takes off his collar.


He is free again.

Rodney doesn't move from his position, ass still in the air.

"Of course, now that I spoiled you, no one else is going to be able to satisfy your perverted wants."

He pinches Rodney's ass. Rodney trembles.

The marine gets dressed and gathers his things. "I think we'll have to do this again," he announces.

Then he leaves.

The cushion is soaked. So is the mattress, Rodney guesses. He doesn't move a muscle.

Especially not his ass. His sticky and now empty ass.

He takes one of his hands and touches his behind. It feels hot and swollen.

He doesn't dare touching his anus. It has to be a mess right now, after all the friction with the...the...the... The cock. He can say it to himself. He's been fucked by a cock. A giant cock. And he's gotten hard from it. From being rammed by a cock.

Slowly, very cautiously, Rodney stretches his legs to lie down on his stomach. His dick feels as raw as his hole, but he doesn't have the energy to change position.



He is...

He doesn't want to move his body. He certainly doesn't want to see his body. Thank God it's dark.

He breathes.

He is...

Oh God, he is...