Summary: When two Ancient lovers are given a second chance to say goodbye they pave the way for John and Rodney to start their own love story.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Challenge, Drabble, First Time, Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 945; Completed: Yes
Updated: 28 Nov 2008; Published: 24 Nov 2008

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Story Notes:
This my first fic EVER so all advice, etc. is appreciated. It's also in response to a Challenge although I can't remember which one...

"Saji? Saji are you awake?"

Tol'lin watched as a brilliant smile formed on his lover's face. No. Not Saji's face, John's face. He felt his mouth smile crookedly in return as he watched Saji lazily reach his arms above his head, slowly stretching before turning his head and meeting his husband's eyes.

"I'm awake."

In the space between one moment and the next, Tol'lin found himself wrapped tightly in his husband's arms and his mouth being fervently plundered. He sighed into Saji's kiss and let his mind drift back to the last time he'd found himself in this'd been awhile. Still, he couldn't find any reason to complain. What an amazing gift, to have this one last brief moment with his lover after thousands of years apart, their individual consciences accidentally stored away in a computer during a failed attempt at ascension. Their physical bodies had been destroyed so long ago that he hardly remembered what either of them had looked like which upon reflection, may actually be for the better. This way he could enjoy his lover's touch without a sense of melancholy or loss.

The necessity of oxygen forced them to end the kiss and so they substituted by slowly re-learning each other's touch. They didn't have much time but that's what made the unhurried gentleness so much more important.

"Hmm...Do you think they know? "Saji asked.

"No. Something tells me these bodies would react much stronger to each other if they did. This one has a fascinating mind. I can's almost as if his consciousness is too strong to completely fold to mine. I could feel his sadness when you kissed me, how much cares for this John. He seems so resigned to the idea that he can never have himMMmmm...mmm...."

Saji knew very well that if given half the chance, Tol'lin would continue to talk and talk about the romantic troubles of Rodney and John and the only way to end his never ending stream of though was by kissing him senseless. It's his price to pay for falling in love with a man thoroughly entrenched in "the soft sciences" who also happened to be an incurable romantic.

"Yeah', he said as he broke the kiss (necessary for the removal of garments), 'mine's the same way.''

They made love with as much tenderness as time would allow, knowing that this was their last chance to be together. Then they dressed and Saji took Tol'lin into his arms once more. They kissed and caressed each other softly until their time ran out, choosing to end their long existence with gentle smiles and quiet declarations of unending love.
When Sheppard's team had stumbled upon the Ancient research lab on MEI2-394, they had no idea they would find the minds of two Ancients stored in its decaying database. Rodney of course was very interested in retrieving them but was a bit wary. Much to Rodney's annoyance, John decided that the blinking button on the console really needed to be touched. The result of course being yet another set of aliens asking to briefly inhabit their bodies in order to say goodbye to each other (well it worked out SO well the last time). So, with Ronon grumbling in the background about stupid Earth-people who never learn their lesson and Teyla's gentle reminder that she would be DIRECTLY outside the door, they of course agreed.

What they hadn't known was that these particular Ancients were in fact, MARRIED. That was a bit of shock but John at least figured it was better than last time this had happened to him. Rodney just found it ironic. That of course was before the kissing. After that, things got a bit more complicated. Of all things the couple started talking about them (and oh boy did that bring up some interesting information) and then WOW, skin. Lots and lots of skin and....OK...yeah wow, that was pretty cool....oh..OH....umm...WOW... Rodney found himself with a new appreciation for John's flexibility and John in turn realized that a lot of what he'd considered adorable-geek-pudginess was in fact compact muscle. After hem...THAT was over, they listened as Saji and Tol'lin reminisced about their lives together and then started to compare their younger selves to John and Rodney and their relationship (Rodney did NOT enjoy being compared to someone who was a member of the soft sciences although John thought it was funny as hell). Finally, the couple spoke their final words, kissed, and were gone.

Of course, at this point John found himself with a lap full of Rodney and a lot of new information to process including a very important, possibly life-changing revelation. Rodney realized this immediately and began to sort the information in the most efficient way he knew: he began to talk. John was more of a quiet thinker himself and if he was honest, there really weren't that many details he felt he needed to sift through. He let Rodney ramble for the minute it took him to process that 1. Rodney was in love him, 2. Rodney had a fantastic ass, and 3. Saji was a very smart man. With the first two in mind, John set out to prove the third by grabbing Rodney's flailing hand in his while using his other hand to pull Rodney's mouth to his in a passionate kiss.

Yep, Saji was a very smart man.