Summary: Sheppard/OMC Connor Davids is a shy, quiet scientist who keeps to himself but over time finds he's lonely. John Sheppard is the man everyone wants and everyone wants to be except all he wants is quiet understanding. Can he get that from the new Dr. Davids? Can they both overcome gender to be with each other?

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Updated: 29 Oct 2010; Published: 04 Mar 2009

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Dr. Connor Davids, PhD, sat on a cold chair in the Daedalus mess poking his food. He was too excited about finally making it to Atlantis to eat. After eight years at the SGC decoding ancient ruins and then later translating parts of the Atlantis database they sent back to earth, the chance to see the fabled city of the Ancients was life altering.

He'd been offered the opportunity 3 years ago when Atlantis had re-initiated contact with earth, but both of his parents had been ill at the time and he didn't want to leave them. Now, five months after their deaths, his mother dying days after his father, he had no ties left to earth; no siblings or relatives of any kind.

He sighed, I guess that's what you get for being the only child of only children.

Connor looked around at the surrounding people in the mess. Marines, mostly, and a few scattered scientists here and there along with a couple soldiers he thought were Air Force. None of them gave him a second glance, just the way he liked it.

He was naturally shy, very quiet and introverted to the point where he probably came off rude. But he just wasn't a people person. He needed his space and his silence and his solitude. He'd always been alone, but rarely had he felt lonely. His studies had consumed his life and later work and his search for knowledge had taken their place. And now, at thirty-three, with no friends to speak of, no relationship experience and no family left, he was going to Atlantis, a place with a sparse population and half of them military.

You couldn't find someone within the billions of people on Earth, you're never going to find someone in a place with just a few hundred people.

Resigned to being alone and not quite bothered by it, he transferred his attention back to the tablet to the left of his food tray. His eyes met lines of Ancient text. He'd been working on this section for weeks, it talked about Atlantis' star drive functions and energy out-put, most of which they knew from Colonel Sheppard flying the city to another planet. He was almost done and ready to move on to the next section. He worked methodically, going through the database line by line in the order it was sent to the SGC.

He had been really excited when he had learned he had the ATA gene although his excitement deflated a little when he realized he would probably be put to use turning things on in a science lab full of people.

But it will still be pretty cool to just think a light on, he thought with a smile.

He picked up his tray and his tablet, dumped his food and made his way back to the bunk he was assigned, with any luck his two roommates, an exobiologist and nurse, would be out. They loved to talk and loved to make Connor talk, and Connor really was all about the silent conversations. A wiggle of the eyebrow, a slight lifting of the shoulders, and more often than not, the sight of his back as he walked away.

Good, they're both out, he thought, maybe now I can get some rest.

He quietly moved to his bunk and sank down on it with a sigh, setting his tablet aside.

This time tomorrow I'll be on Atlantis, he thought happily, and with that he closed his eyes.


Whoa that was pretty neat. It was only Connor's second time using the Asgard transporter beam. The science behind it was pretty cool too.

His group was met by Major Lorne. Before arrival Connor had studied the crew manifest of Atlantis and the Daedalus. With an eidetic memory, he never forgot anything, and he quickly memorized the personnel he would be working with. Connor still remembered the name of his Kindergarten teacher. He didn't like surprises, or not knowing something when he could, so he did everything he could to prepare for the Atlantis mission, including reading through all the back logs of mission reports. He had pretty high clearance considering he could be translating directions on how to build the Ancient version of a nuclear bomb. And for the record, that still hadn't happened yet.

"Alright people, welcome to Atlantis. Listen up, new arrivals to the left, return visitors go do whatever it is you do." Major Lorne said with a smile as some people walked away.

"Now, new arrivals, military and science, follow me." And with that he lead them to a room off of the control room, where they had arrived. "Your bags will be sent to your rooms." He added, looking back over his shoulder.

Connor looked around, trying not too act like a child in Disneyland. He was on Atlantis. He was on Atlantis. He felt a small smile creep across his face.

As they packed into the room, that Connor could now see had chairs, the military and the scientists seemed to naturally divide. The military on the left, the civilians on the right.

"At ease."

Connor startled as he sat down. What? Oh. He noticed as the left side of the room all moved as one to stand in a different position then sit as Major Lorne gestured them to do so while taking a seat himself atop a table at the front of the room.

"Now, I'm Major Lorne. Colonel Sheppard is stuck off world so you're all stuck with me for at least the first portion of the orientation. After this you will be split up and sent to your individual departments to meet with your department head who can give you more directions on what you'll be doing. I have your housing assignments as well, so don't forget to pick those up before you leave." He paused and smiled at them again. "I like to call this Atlantis 101. The people who've been here too long like to call it 'How-not-to-die-or-incur-the-wrath-of-Dr. McKay'. There are some general guidelines you should be aware of if you plan to stay. Number one..."

Connor sat there taking it all in, keeping one ear to Major Lorne while focusing on the persistent, but pleasant buzz/hum that had taken up residence in his head from the second he beamed into Atlantis.

He didn't remember reading about this and wondered if he was too young to be going crazy. He thought he probably wasn't, but these days, you couldn't be too sure.

"...Well that's it for Survival 101 in the Pegasus Galaxy. Remember to pick up your housing assignments. And welcome to Atlantis." Connor remained seated, not in a rush to move into the mass of people surrounding the table with the housing assignments on it. He waited silently for the crowd to thin.

When finally only a few people were left looking for their names and their new quarters, Connor stood and made his way over to the table. He scanned the list, looking down until he found 'Davids - Tower 3, Section 4, Room 6'. He pulled up his memory of the layout of Atlantis and with a smile realized this was a mostly unoccupied residential section. He scanned the rest of the list and found that he was the only new-comer assigned to that section. With a grin he left the room and headed out to meet his supervisor.


Connor walked towards the nearest transporter and quickly pressed his desired location. Within seconds he was in a completely different part of the city. I hope this never gets old, he thought. He moved out and walked down the hallway to Dr. O'Suileabhain's office. Dr. O'Suileabhain was the head of the linguistics and anthropology department and a fellow Irishman like Connor. Connor, though, had been living in the states for a while and in an effort to fit in better he adopted a more American accent, expertly masking his true brogue.

Connor waved his hand over the door sensor, letting his boss know that he was there. A moment later he heard, "Come in." And the door slid open. Connor hesitantly stepped inside.

Dr. O'Suileabhain was a short man, a little on the heavy side, with bright red hair and a matching red beard. A ginger, Connor thought. "Ah, the first one here." His boss greeted. "Most people get lost on their first day. So you would be..."

"Connor Davids, sir."

"Ah yes, Dr. Davids, our Ancient translator. I've been reading through your work on the Ancient database and I must say, your speed and efficiency are very impressive. Great work. You've made a lot of progress, and many people here appreciate it, son."

"Thank you, sir." Connor replied, letting his accent slip through so it sounded more like 'Tank you'.

"Ah! And a fellow Irishman to boot!"

Connor blushed. "Yes, sir."

"Whereabouts are you from, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Me mum's from Wexford and me dad's from Killarney."

"Irish through and through then! Well, it's certainly nice to meet you. Now, about where you'll be working..."

Connor stepped lightly back into the transporter, eager to find his new quarters. His boss had given him a small lab that they had found with complete access to the database. "No one else uses it, so now it's yours," he had said. Connor wouldn't have to work around people all day, free to be in his solitude. His boss had also thrown out any mention of a schedule. "Do whatever, whenever, as long as it gets done." Connor was free to work through the night. He had a similar way of life back on Earth. He woke up early, went for a run, would shower and work till his stomach complained, eat, work some more, do his martial arts work out before eating once more and falling into bed. Sometimes it changed, sometimes he would work 48 hours straight because he was so caught up in his work or would just forgo eating to just fall into bed. The only things that never changed were his runs and he workouts, he made time to do those to keep in shape. Not that he enjoyed getting up early to run, no Connor certainly wasn't a morning person.

More recently, within the past couple years or so, he had also taken to training on the shooting range. He had no need for guns in his life, but was always looking for something to help him focus better, and with a gun in your hand your mind was always in focus. The soldiers back at the SGC had gotten used to Connor hanging around the shooting range and a couple months in they had all started giving him tips, too. He quickly became an expert marksman, partly due to skill and partly due to the fact that he never forgot any of the tips they would give him.

I wonder if I'll be able to shoot here, I'll have to talk to Major Lorne about that.

Major Lorne had told them to see him on any military matters, not because the Colonel wasn't helpful, but because any paper work got passed on to Lorne and Sheppard often had enough to deal with.

As he stepped off the transporter on his level, he looked around the hallway. From the crew manifest he knew that Dr. Zelenka, Dr. McKay, and Ronon all resided in this hall. He wondered why he was placed here, but didn't want to ask in fear of being moved to a more populated floor.

He walked to door six and it slid open before he could wave his hand. Stepping in he saw his bags on the floor at his feet and thought close at the door, and instantly it shut. That is so cool.

Connor grabbed his bags off the floor, set them on the bed and went about unpacking. Since they gave him clothes for the expedition Connor had wasted little room on packing extra clothes, he had a couple t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, work out clothes, a hoodie and a jacket. He'd also managed to pack his favorite Chuck Taylors.

Connor quickly put his clothes in the dresser before moving to the next bag and taking out some books, he left some in the bag with the intent on bringing those to his new lab. The linguist unpacked a few more personal items, a picture of him and his parents from just before they became ill, a skateboard he would have to screw the wheels back onto, a poster from Amnesty International, a couple tchockies and just a few toiletries knowing they would provide him with some here. His Tai-Chi staff was also among his bags, he had permission from General Landry himself to bring it. He placed it carefully in the corner.

His room was not too big, but not too small, it even had a small balcony that overlooked the inside of the city. This was home now, and to Connor, nothing had ever felt more right.


Connor hefted his bag onto his shoulder as he made his way back to the transporter. He was going to get something to eat before checking out his new lab. Pressing the button he was instantly moved to another tower and level. Stepping out he almost collided with a Marine he remembered from the SGC, Private Morrison. He was one of the more helpful marines who gave advice on the shooting range. He had left for Atlantis a few months before Connor.

"Sorry, Doc, you okay?" Morrison asked.

"Hi, Private yes, uh, thanks, sorry." Connor stumbled out. For a linguist he was incredibly unprepared for most social situations. Keeping to himself didn't really allow a great flow of conversation to happen.

"Not a problem, Doc, good to see ya. Will I catch you on the range here too?" Morrison asked, holding the door of the lift open.

"Uh, yeah, maybe, if I can, um, swing it with Major Lorne." Connor replied softly.

"I'll put in a good word for you, Doc." He said, stepping into the lift. "See ya around!" He offered as the doors closed leaving Connor standing there by himself.

Connor shook his head and tightened his grip on his bag before heading down the hallway to the mess. It was bustling with people and Connor grimaced lightly. He bit his bottom lip as he debated whether or not to go in. A rowdy yell from inside made the decision for him and he turned around, heading back for the transporter. He stepped in and was delivered to the right level within seconds.

Readjusting his bag he set off for his lab, first left and at the end of the hallway. When he got there the doors opened again without a wave of his hand and Connor stepped in.

The room was large, It could fit maybe ten or fifteen people comfortably. There was a giant screen that seem to hang down from the ceiling. In front of it was a console that Connor knew would activate the database. There were a couple shelves against the back wall, a desk by the console, and a of couple chairs. He loved it instantly. He moved towards the shelves to unpack his books, they barely filled two shelves. The linguist had more coming on the next Daedalus run. General Landry liked Connor, and had assured him that any books he needed to do his job would arrive, along with a giant stack of notebooks and pens.

Connor knew they didn't really use paper a lot in the Pegasus Galaxy, but he found some translations just needed to be done the old fashioned way, through trial and error on a piece of paper.

I wonder if I can find a couch and move it in here? He thought to himself as he looked around the room.

The scientist remembered reading about some Ancient living quarters that they had stumbled upon, but no one had ever moved there. He didn't know if the Ancients had couches, but he would knew he would find out. Glancing around the room again, he saw a small fridge in the corner. Perfect, he thought. He would get a water kettle in here too so he could brew some tea.

He set his empty bag down, called up the database and got to work.


"How'd it go today, Major?" John asked, coming up behind his XO in a corridor off of the control room.

"Fine, sir." Lorne replied.

"No lunatics or psycho killers?"

"No, sir. Just your average bunch of scientists and soldiers."

John scrunched up his face. "Well, that's no fun."

"Sorry, sir."

"Always sorry, Lorne," John said with a roll of his eyes. "Thanks for doing the welcome today, McKay tripped over some plant thing and then got stuck in it... you know how it goes."

"It's not a problem, sir," Lorne said with a grin. "It happens to the best of us."

"Yeah. Didn't Reed trip on some ivy thing a while back?"

His XO adopted a pained look. "Don't remind me, sir. We spent five hours trying to get him out of it."

John laughed, "Well, I guess I shouldn't complain about the two hours we spent fishing Rodney out today then."

"Yes, sir."

"Good job today, Lorne," John said with a nod. "Make sure you keep the new kiddies out of trouble."

"Will do, sir."

John nodded once more before letting Lorne go on ahead to wherever he had been heading before John caught up to him. He switched directions and headed for the transporter, pretty sure that his team would be there, filling up on dinner.

Sure enough, when he arrived, Ronon and Rodney appeared to be having a speed eating contest with Teyla frowning on in disapproval. John grinned and grabbed his own tray, loading it up with meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. He raised an eyebrow at the new dessert that appeared. John assumed the small cups of butterscotch pudding had arrived on the Daedalus. He reached past them and grabbed a chocolate one as well as a can of Coke.

Teyla was subtly passing a napkin to Rodney when John took a seat next to her. "You guys can slow down you know, there's plenty of food." Ronon didn't even look up from his plate and Rodney shot him an 'are you crazy?' look before shoving another forkful of food into his mouth. John laughed and started cutting up his meatloaf.

"How did the orientation proceed in your absence?" Teyla asked.

"Lorne says it went fine, no psychopaths in this group."

Rodney snorted. "He would know."

"He's not crazy, Rodney."

"He tried to shoot me!"

"He was aiming for the Wraith behind you," John placated.

Rodney disagreed, "He didn't have to cut it so close."

"It wasn't that close."

"Yeah," Ronon agreed. "I've seen closer."

"Yeah, like that time you almost blew my ear off?"

John laughed as Ronon and Rodney continued to bicker. This was his team, his family.