Summary: Michael and Teyla discuss the future.

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Characters: Other, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
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Word count: 1294; Completed: Yes
Updated: 05 Sep 2009; Published: 03 Sep 2009

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"You have seen what these people are like. They fight amongst themselves, lie, cheat, ... kill. Their strength is in their numbers, their weapons and in their greed, Teyla. When they are done with the Wraith, do you truly believe they will be happy to let the people of this galaxy, your people, live without their rule?"

"They will not..."

"They will.

I am surprised at you Teyla. You were raised to be a leader were you not? You father? Was he not Tegan, king of the Athosians?"


"How is it then that you have let these people, these aliens, force your people from their home and into an existence dependant on their generosity. I may be Wraith but I remember the Athosians when they were a strong and a proud people. We destroyed your city to keep you in check or have you forgotten the ruins?"

"What is your point, Michael?!"

"My point, Teyla Emmagen, Tegan of Athos, daughter of kings, is that you have become weak and blind. You my queen, have become a supplicant ... a slave."

"I will not listen to you!"

"The truth is we are both slaves. You to these people and me? Me to my ...situation and the path I must follow."

"We are nothing alike!"

"But we are, Teyla. We both want to be free of something, to live a better life."

"No. I am fighting for a better life you are fighting for power."

"Power. Is it so horrible a thing to want? The power to control my own life, the power to protect myself, the power to go where I want when I want and to see and learn and do all that there is to offer without fear?!"

"You would destroy whole civilizations to gain your goal!"

"And what are you doing?! You plan to irradicate an entire species! A culture deeper, older, and far richer than anything you could possibly understand!"

"It is not the same!"

"Is it not?!"


"When you captured me, made he human like yourself, gave me this name, do you remember how you felt about me? What you thought of me?"


"He is still there; in me."


"Teyla...I was born a Wraith. I am thousands of years old. I was taught that humans were nothing more than cattle to be fed upon, to keep me strong. Just as you are a product of your upbringing, so am I. But in those millennia, I chose to devote my life to science rather than war. I wanted to know how things worked and why. It is all I have ever truly wanted.

After they took me, changed me, I was...unclean. Where once I was a valued member of the hive, I now was mistrusted, mistreated, and by the end of my time with them I was treated as the enemy. Can you imagine what that was like? To go from being the favorite of the queen to something not suitable to breath the same air?

And it was their doing. Even now I harbor no ill will against you, Teyla because it was them."

"You took my people! You took.."

"To join with me in my fight! How can I make you understand?!

Inside of me there are combating wills. I am now both human and Wraith and it is is difficult to keep a balance between the two. As I have said, I was taught that humans are animals but now that I am one I see that is not so. Still, I cannot help but see your species as primitive. It was my my hope to create a race of beings who, like me, are both human and Wraith. A race who I can ...who will be ... my people."

"And you would do this against their will, killing hundreds in the process?!"

"I am sorry for that but I have said, it is difficult to find the balance. Because of that ... morals are often...conflicting.

What I have done cannot be undone.

Your son is the final component, the key to everything. He is a balance of Wraith and Human, a perfect, compatible mixture of the two species. You must believe me when I say I do not wish to harm him..."

"But you would take him from me."

"No. There is no need for that now. Or there does not have to be."

"I do not understand."

"All I need is his DNA. What I need to know is written there. The child himself, I have no particular use for."

"Then why did you take me? Why not just wait and send a spy to ..."

"Because I wished to speak with you. As Michael Kenmore, I saw what a remarkable woman you are, how strong. Now I understand more fully what it was I saw in you then: you have the potential to be a great leader..."

"I am a leader."

"No. You gave that up the day you chose to separate from you people to join the Atlantians.

I do not think you were wrong to join them. They are very powerful and your presence has, I am sure, gained your people a level of protection that others are not granted. I do however think you were foolish to do so without a plan of your own.

For a ruler, you are somewhat..overly trusting.

Tell me this, when the war is over and the Wraith are no longer a threat, what will you do?"


"It is certain that the Atlantians will wish to expand their reach in this galaxy. They will say it is for the sake of trade and technological advancement, that it is for the good of all but you and I both know that what they truly wish is to gain a greater advantage over their enemies and in the process, to make their 'allies' dependant on their generosity. Their offerings are like candy but it is all laced with poison. Can you taste it Teyla or are their gifts still too sweet on your tongue?"

"Why are you saying these things?"

"To open you eyes, to show you who you truly have to fear, who your enemies really are."

"They are my friends..."

"Are they? My methods are harsh but in the end, all I want is freedom. They are the ones who want power! Do you not see the difference between us? When the battle is done, I will be happy to settle on a world and never harm anyone again. Once I am free, I will have no need to shadow other worlds. Your people could grow strong again and take their place among the stars as the great people they used to be but only if you remove them from the control of these aliens!

How often have they disregarded your customs and beliefs? How often have you been made the subject of mistrust and ridicule? Do you believe the Athosians will ever truly be seen as equals in their eyes?"


"Would you have your son live in such a world; where he is considered to be less than another man purely because of his heritage?"

"My son is a prince. He will be Tegan, a leader, a KING!"

"Not if he is a slave!"

"They are our greatest hope. We cannot defeat the Wraith without them!"

"Then let them. Fight beside them until the Wraith are gone but on that day remember what their race is truly like and turn your back to them. Show them that the people of this galaxy will not become their subjects. Make them go back to where they came from."


"Join me. I will help you, for both our sakes."