Summary: Something is having a strange effect on Teyla. Sheppard/Emmagen UST.

Categories: Ship Pairings > Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan
Characters: John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Character Study, Pre-relationship
Warnings: None
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Word count: 1032; Completed: Yes
Updated: 01 Aug 2005; Published: 01 Aug 2005

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Teyla hovered at the cave's entrance, staring out over the low plain spread below her. It was late and her mind registered how tired her body was, but she knew she would not sleep soon. Though restless, she remained perfectly still. Every sound and movement registered in her senses, which far exceeded her normal abilities. She felt as though some strange source of energy had been channeled into her from an unknown place.

She associated such awareness with the presence of the Wraith. Though that was not the case here, it was difficult to separate what she felt from what she knew.

Meanwhile she stared into the distance, watching as the flashes of light in the sky grew brighter. A distant rumbling reached her, growing louder as the flashes approached.

Because of her heightened sensitivity, she detected Colonel Sheppard's approach easily and was not startled when he drew up beside her quietly. She suspected he harbored the hope of someday catching her unawares, but so far he had never succeeded. "Everything alright?"

She nodded towards the sky. "The storms are fast approaching."

She could feel his eyes move from the skies to herself. That at least was normal. She had always possessed a strong sense for when she was being scrutinized.

"Are you ok?"

She hesitated. What she was experiencing was not entirely new, and she was certain there was no unknown threat, but he was the leader of their team and as such, should be informed of anything that might become relevant to their mission. "I am feeling... unsettled."

He said nothing, shifting his stance slightly and waiting for her to explain.

"I feel extremely aware of our surroundings. I cannot rest, though I am tired. It is as though some kind of pressure is being exerted on my body." She looked at him for the first time. He was staring at her, face dimly illuminated by the light from the cave, listening carefully to what she said. It gratified her that he respected her input so much. "I do not recall feeling precisely like this before. Anything that has come close has had to do with the Wraith, but there is no sense that they are near."

His forehead wrinkled when she mentioned the Wraith and then smoothed itself out again almost immediately. "So, basically you're feeling kind of keyed up?"

She struggled to comprehend him. Keys were used to open locks, yet hadn't she heard Lieutenant Ford use this same expression once? "That sounds correct, yes."

"Well," he looked at the flashes of light, which were now brighter and dominating much of the northern skies. "It might just be from the storm. Sometimes they can make you a little jumpy, like you had a lot of coffee."

The mental image of Dr. McKay after consuming large quantities of coffee floated in her mind. It did not match her current feelings. She frowned. "I never reacted in this manner to any storms we had on Athos."

"Yeah, but you said you'd never been through a tornado before."

Teyla considered the approaching storm. It was true that she had not experienced this "tornado" he spoke of, which was the Earth equivalent of the terrible wind storms their hosts said often arrived at this time of year. The entire encampment had moved up to the caves when word had come that storms were approaching. Here they would ride out the weather in safety. "No, but was not the storm which struck Atlantis the same thing? Should I not have felt this way then as well?"

Sheppard's face contorted and she knew he was attempting to refine his explanations for her benefit yet again. "Not exactly," he hedged. "What hit Atlantis was a hurricane. It was a lot bigger, and moving a lot slower." She could clearly see he had no idea why she was feeling this way and knew he would drop the subject. "You should ask Beckett when we get back. Maybe he can explain."

"I will do that." There was nothing else for her to do here but wait and see if the feeling passed with the storms.

"I gather you're going to stay here then?" Sheppard asked, his body subtly straightening up as he prepared to return to the cave.

"Yes, I doubt I would be able to sit still for long. Unless you require my assistance?" she queried, eyebrows raised slightly. She knew well the problems that could arise leaving the Colonel or Dr. McKay alone for too long.

"No, no, we're getting along fine. Just let me know if anything changes, like realizing the Wraith are out there." He turned to go. "And be careful," he reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. "Make sure you don't leave shelter and get struck by lightning or anything."

His hand was hot against her skin and Teyla jumped the slightest bit. She had not felt cold in any way, but the contrast of his skin versus hers jolted her. She met his eyes and saw the honest concern in them, and felt again the energy rising between them, the same as had struck her when they first met. It appeared every so often still, and she had given up attempting to control those moments. They were completely unpredictable, but they also never lasted long.

The air between them felt as charged as the atmosphere outside the cave and for a second her mind flickered to his hands, hot and strong, sliding against her flesh.

Sheppard stepped away, breaking the contact and the moment and Teyla held still and silent until he was far enough away not to hear her breathe in deeply. She braced her feet, unwilling to lean against the wall of the cave for support as she regained control of herself.

A bright flash of lightning illuminated the ground before her as if it were midday. The image lingered in her eyes as the thunder broke over her, bringing with it stinging rain and a cold wind. Teyla remained where she was, allowing the mist and the air to cool her body and her mind.