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Summary: John and That's about it really!

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Established Relationship, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2293; Completed: Yes
Updated: 01 Oct 2008; Published: 30 Sep 2008

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Beta: Hugs go to branny - beta goddess!

"You are one sick individual, you know that."

"I know."

"I mean, we all have our kinks, but really, you're sure that's what you want?"

"Oh yeah."

"You are definitely sick...and twisted..."

"But we can still do it...right?"

"Hell yeah!"


Rodney sat on the end of John's bed and stared at the Commanding Officer of Atlantis' Military Contingent. Who knew, he wondered, that here, in the privacy of his quarters, John Sheppard would drop his rank, his inhibitions and his pants for Rodney. Who would have thought that John, strong, confident, self-assured and so committed to his career that this relationship had to be clandestine, delighted in taking orders from the head of Science and Research, who was by any definition a geek of the highest order.. Rodney allowed himself to grin briefly. If nothing else, he was determined that before they were finished tonight, Colonel John Sheppard would be reminded of just who and what he was.

"Strip for me John. Nice and slow. I want to enjoy watching you."

John unzipped his vest and shrugged it from his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

He kept his eyes firmly on Rodney, meeting his gaze unflinchingly. John had never been much of an eyes-demurely-looking-at-the-floor kind of guy, and, thankfully, Rodney never asked for that.

Unbuckling his thigh holster, John let that fall beside the vest.

Boots and socks followed in short order, and he refocused his gaze on Rodney.

Slowly, deliberately, he unbuckled his belt, pulled it through the loops and let it fall.

As he manoeuvred himself out of his jacket, John saw Rodney shift slightly.


Obediently, John paused, jacket still in his hand.

Rodney rose and walked behind John.

"Okay, carry on"

Dropping the jacket to join the rest of the growing pile on the floor, John stared to unbutton his shirt. He fumbled the second button as he felt Rodney's arms encircling his waist.

As Rodney began rubbing his cock through the fabric of his pants, John felt all sense of coordination slipping away. When he felt Rodney undo his pants and push those oh-so-talented fingers into John's boxers, John temporarily lost all his higher brain functions.

"Hey,'ve just undone and refastened that same button three I take that as a sign that you're not sure about doing this?"

"You know damn well it doesn't. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on anything with your hands in my boxers?"

Rodney gave a deep and dirty chuckle that elicited an unexpected twitch in response from John's cock. The chuckle became somehow impossibly dirtier as with a kiss on John's shoulder, Rodney removed his hands and slipped back to the bed.

John took full advantage of Rodney's movement across the room to hurriedly undo the remaining buttons and shed both shirt and pants onto the floor.

"Right then, lose the boxers, and come over here."

Obediently, John did as he was told and was rewarded be a deep sigh of approval as he crossed the room to join Rodney.

"Undo the watch; put it on the locker, radio too please."

Having done this, John went to remove his wrist-band, only for Rodney to stop him.

"The wrist band stays, as do the dog-tags."

Well, John had actually expected to keep his tags on....they were pretty much crucial to what he and Rodney had discussed, but as for the other?

"The wrist-band Rodney.....?"

"Mmmm yeah"


"Because it's HOT! Now, no more talking...Over here, I want to kiss you"

John found himself being grabbed, twisted round and pretty much thrown onto the bed. He could easily have fought back, got the upper hand and overpowered Rodney, but for the life of him he couldn't think of one good reason why he would want to.

The promised kiss came harsh, forceful and deep. When he was in the mood, Rodney's kisses could, on occasion, be soft, tender ad sweet; they could also, at times like today, be deliciously downright brutal. There was no question of John responding, even if he had wanted to, this was Rodney's time to show just exactly who was in charge here.

Rodney's fingers traced their way through John's ample covering of chest hair, teasing, tweaking and pulling on curls, leaving John in a blur of sensation from which he was reluctant to awaken.

Biting gently on John's bottom lip, which resulted in a throaty purr of pleasure, Rodney licked and nibbled his way down to John's chest. Fastening his lips around a gorgeously pert nipple Rodney began lapping and suckling until John's inarticulate moans became more and more insistent.

Seeing John zoning out so soon, Rodney gave a grin that, if he'd been focussed enough to notice, John would have described as pure evil.

With practised ease, Rodney's hand grasped a hold of John's cock and pressed firmly enough to ensure that John immediately lost his burgeoning erection, and just as rapidly refocused his attention on Rodney


"I had to do something John; you were enjoying yourself way too much. I would hate for you to miss out on what we had planned..."

"How about I change my mind....and you just go back to what you were doing?"

"Not a chance in hell, John. And we both know you don't really want me to."

"As, I said....Bastard!"

"Complete and utter," Rodney agreed as he grabbed John and rolled so that John was now uppermost, "Now, come closer."

John leaned forward, ready to start showing Rodney just exactly how deep and dirty a kiss could be. He was prevented by Rodney's hands grabbing his shoulders and holding him mere inches from Rodney's face.

Rodney shifted slightly, slowly pulling John's chest towards him, stopping as John's tags dangled enticingly close. Raising his head, Rodney grabbed at the silver discs with his open mouth. He snickered at the thought that this was kind of like bobbing-for-apples...only much more fun. On his third attempt, he caught them. He held the tags between his teeth and pulled gently feeling John draw closer with each tug.

So close now, Rodney took both tags into his mouth, his tongue swirling over them, tracing over the embossing as if they were Braille, he was blind, and this was his method of learning all about Colonel John Sheppard.

Above him, Rodney could hear John groaning with pleasure and feel his cock rapidly regaining its former arousal. Reluctantly, he released the tags.

"John, unbutton my pants, then blow me."

More assuredly than Rodney thought possible under the circumstances, John unfastened the buttons, and freed Rodney's cock.

Rodney hissed as he felt the warm gust of John's breath over the tip.

John was good at this. Rodney was even gracious enough to admit to himself that when it came to giving head, John was the more talented of the two of them. Not that he'd ever admit as much to John. One over-inflated ego amongst them was enough.

John's tongue ghosted gently over the tip of Rodney's cock, barely grazing the slit.

He rubbed the underside of the tip, that special spot so sensitive for Rodney, with the ball of his thumb. Rodney rewarded him with a deep growl of pleasure as the teasing almost-scratch of John's gun-calloused thumb sent waves of sensation through Rodney.

God, but Rodney was responsive tonight; John wasn't sure how long Rodney was going to be able to hold out.

John licked the length of Rodney's cock, from tip to balls and back again before deciding from Rodney's groans that if he was going to get to have Rodney's cock in his mouth, he'd better do something about it sooner rather than later. And having Rodney's cock in his mouth was something that John definitely wanted.

Being military, it's not the kind of thing that John can often admit, but he really likes sucking cock. In particular, Rodney's cock, which is gloriously long and thick and feels satisfyingly heavy when John takes as much of that length into his mouth as possible.

John took just the head at first, swirling his tongue around the tip in a way that caused Rodney's cock to jerk hard enough to almost dislodge itself from John's mouth. Finally, John began to suck in earnest, taking more and more of that glorious length until his mouth was beyond full.

Rodney shuddered as the vibrations from Johns throat worked their way up, rippling through his cock. With a slightly twisted grin, John worked the wristband, that Rodney found so hot, down, over the wrist and hooked it over his fingers. Slowly he began to stroke Rodney's balls with the soft band, and the only word to describe the sound emanating from Rodney was 'bleating'.

The teasing of his balls, always a sensitive area for Rodney, combined with the knowledge that John was stroking him with that fucking wristband was enough to push Rodney over the edge. He forced himself to speak, each word an almost insurmountable effort.

"John....Fuck...Please...You have to stop...Now...Going to...Come"

Immediately John pulled away.

Breathing harshly, gasping to keep control for just a few seconds more, Rodney pushed John over into his back and straddled him. Reaching out he fingered the dog-tags on their chain, arranging them flat on John's chest. Then with a shout that bordered on a howl, Rodney came, managing to angle himself perfectly so that he hit the dog-tags with each spurt.

For a few minutes neither John nor Rodney was capable of rational thought. John's hand groped for Rodney's and they panted, regaining their breath with fingers entwined.

Eventually, Rodney leaned forward and touched the tags, fingering them almost in disbelief. Slowly, deliberately he licked his lips and looked intently at the discs.

"This is gonna be easier if I slip the tags off for a moment," he mumbled, as he carefully pulled the chain off John, "Shit, they're actually dripping!"

Rodney allowed the chain to play between his fingers for a moment.

"John, you still with me? Look at me John!"

John's eyes were almost black with lust, relieved by the occasional fleck of green and gold giving a fey, almost feral, appearance. He was staring, almost hypnotised at the tags in Rodney's hand; but at Rodney's command he almost reluctantly shifted his gaze up to look directly at Rodney.

Rodney took one of the discs and placed it between his teeth. John whimpered helplessly as Rodney gently sucked the tag into his mouth and slowly sucked it clean.

Letting the disc fall from his mouth, Rodney took hold of the second disc and offered it to John's gaping mouth. Slowly he fed both tags and chain to John.

"Suck them clean, John" whispered Rodney, hoarsely; fairly certain that actual speech was going to be impossible for the next few hours – but of course Rodney couldn't accept that. He needed to talk to John, to bring this to its natural conclusion.

As John moaned softly, complying with this latest order, Rodney moved round to lie next to John, stroking his hair and sighing contentedly.

John sucked on the tags in disbelief. How the fuck was he supposed to wear these ever again? He traced over them tasting the bitter metallic tang coated with the unmistakeable taste of Rodney. At the gentle touch of Rodney's hand on his lips, John released the tags and allowed Rodney to replace them around his neck, discs once again nestling on his chest. Usually they felt cold, scraping slightly against his chest hair. Now they felt warm and wet and, in a way that defied all reason, different. And, oh my god, if John didn't know better he would swear that they still smelled of Rodney!

John's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Rodney's voice. Oh great, Rodney wanted to talk. After what he'd just done, you'd think Rodney would be speechless, but no! Rodney couldn't just shut the hell up. John forced himself to concentrate; Rodney wouldn't give him a moment's peace until they'd talked.

"Right John, tell me why I did that."

"To show me."

"Show you what, John, tell me."

"That I belong to you."

"Too right! You belong to me, John Sheppard. You're mine. Totally and forever. Let me hear you say it, John."

"I'm yours Rodney. Totally and forever. I belong to you."

"You'd better believe you do. And I am never letting you go. Never. Whatever the American Military might choose to think, you do not belong to them. And whenever you feel these," Rodney fingered the tags as he spoke, "whenever you feel these close to your skin, you are going to remember what I have just done. You are going to remember how these, the symbol of your service to the Military, smelled of me, tasted of me, were covered in me. These tags that tell the world who and what you are, will always be telling you...You...Are....Mine."

The last words were punctuated by hard, deep, possessive kisses that could leave John in no doubt of Rodney's claim.


"Wow! That was..."


"Better than good!"

"So, what you wanted then?"

"Oh yeah! And we are soooo gonna be doing that again!"

"Mmmm, but next time, John, we get to play out one of my kinks!"