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I am a great lover of Lorne fic, basically, I'll read anything with him as a main character.

If I could find some Lorne slash it would be lovely, also him getting kidnapped, turned into a kid, basically whumped I'd read it in a second.

Anywho, I'm an Aussie and a female. Apart from that, I'm pretty boring. Unless you're a Gateholic too, then we'd get along as the best of friends.
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After the events of Tabula Rasa, Keller realises some of the drugs given to the military to stop the amnesia haven't been returned. Sheppard then discovers that a certain Major has become addicted to the drug. Can be Sheppard/Lorne slash or friendship. Some McKay snark would be lovely too.

Sheppard somehow turns into a Vampire (don't mind how, I like suprises) but it turns out there's only one person whos blood he's addicted too: Major Lornes. Can the citizens of Atlantis save the Major? Or will he sacrifice himself to keep the Colonel alive until they can cure him?

Major Lorne (and Rodney maybe) get thrown through the Gate and have to find a way home to Atlantis. Heavy Lorne (and Rodney if you put him in), with a lot of Young too. Not phased if it's slash or not.