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Not an author. Just love reading fanfic. Recently addicted to SGA's 3rd season. Have watched it since the beginning, but was eclipsed by love of SG1.
Challenges by Manic
Angel is sent to Atlantis to help with their Wraith problems. Any rating. Bonus if includes Michael. This is a repost of my challeng originally titled, "The SGC sent us ... a *vampire*?"
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People have always been drawn to Daniel, but the attraction is deeper for those who carry the ATA gene. What I'm really looking for here, is a little John/Daniel, but feel free to explore other options. Bonus if you throw in some aspect of ascension.

John and Daniel are required to work alongside/with each other for an exteded period of time and become close. You can decide how close is "close."

Col. Sheppard is on Earth and his Iratus DNA has been reactivated/has returned. He could have had a relapse, had an accident or been experimented on. He comes into contact with characters from the Buffy universe and is mistaken as a demon.
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