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Challenges by PxW

Slash or Gen. Wraith/Rodney or Wraith&Rodney friendship. (That Wraith must be male. It could be a OMC or Michael Kenmore or, if you really want, a Wraith!Sheppard.)

Prompt: Rodney McKay gets stuck on an uninhabited planet for 15 months, and his only company is a Wraith. There is no way for McKay and this Wraith to contact Atlantis or a Hive. Even though there was no other human on this planet, there are plenty local plant and wild life to support a human need for living. For survival, the Wraith needs to keep Rodney alive and healthy, and the astrophysicist rewards by letting the Wraith feed on him now and than. After some struggle on each side, they set in this life. They bonded with each other eventually.

(Someone finally finds them fifteen months later, but whether they go back, stay on that planet, or if they separate or stick together is up to the writer. What happen next, or what won’t happen next, is also up to the writer.)

Slash or Gen. John/Rodney or John&Rodney friendship.

Prompt: After an accident, John (or Rodney) was turn into some kind of creature that only feed on Wraiths. (Not like how the Wraith feed on human, no.) Moreover, every time a Wraith comes within 10 feet of John (or Rodney), it either wants to fight/flight or, in most case, paralyzed with terror. Everyone should be pleased with this change, but Rodney (or John) doesn't.