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Sheppard is giving Radek swimming lessons... Might be pre-slash, but humor, fluffy, friendship would be prefered; just a short funny story about two men on the lantean shore. Please include: At least 2 czech curses, jelly fish, bruises and towels.
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Sheppard couldn't help but lusting after him. He was just his perfect ten. [Give me silly fluff or Pwp, whatever you like, listen to Beautiful South Perfect 10 and think what you can out of it - worship the vast beauty ;)]
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A night to remember... Zelenka, Sheppard, Ronon, Lorne and McKay sitting on dock 3, eating evil!jello [jello made with vodka instead of water + fruits] - getting drunk and having 'important' talks :) No smut, no sex, no pairings, just fun?