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On a dark and stormy afternoon, wolves howled as Shaddyr entered the world. She's pretty much been making people bay at the moon ever since.

The daughter of a highly motivated, independent mother from Northern Manitoba, and a laid-back, take-things-as-they-come father from the Deep South, Shaddyr found herself highly motivated to think long and hard about doing nothing at all. She is extremely skilled in the fine arts of procrastination, avoidance and minimizing. She has also learned the secret to looking busy while doing nothing at all.

A geek and a nerd long before these things were fashionable, Shaddyr has been a die-hard SF fan since childhood. While the other kids were watching Romper Room, she cut her teeth on Lost in Space, Space 1999 and ST:TOS. While looking for Star Trek books in the library one day, Shaddyr discovered the existence of other SF. Heinlein, Ellison, L'Engle and McCaffry, led to deeper levels of addiction. A true SF junkie, she reads voraciously, ever in search of the next fix.

These days, Shaddyr amuses herself by cooking up fanfics about Pretenders, Sexy English vampires and Stargate personnel. On occasion she adds some music, stirs vigorously and bakes up a filk.
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Challenges by Shaddyr
I double dog dare you to write a story, a ficlet, a drabble - SOMETHING - involving John, Rodney and this item. Straight up SGA, AU, Xover with SPN, your call. I just really need to know what happens! "What item?" you may ask. Well, let me tell you! Apparently, the awesome super powers of telepathy, cryokinesis, psychometry, chronokinesis, invisibility and teleportation can all be yours! They are only a bid away...
on eBay!!!
So. I gotta wonder if it might be an Ancient artifact. It would make sense, with all those powers... On with the challenge: Write a story! Uhm. Please?
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