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Um well my name is Louis and im a HUGE rodney/sheppard fan, lol in fact i think its a crime to pair them up with anyone but each other :)

I'm a friendly guy so if anyone ever wants to talk about a new promising story or anything else about slash fanfics, then feel free to contact me! lol oh and also if your in as much need as I am for counseling after finding out stargate atlantis is being cancelled :(

bye :)
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Challenges by Louis17
"Straight" (lol soon to be bi) John fic. I'd like the story to deal with the dynamics between a bisexual Rodney and a "straight" john, a fic that ends with Jon falling in love with the socially inept Rodney. Rodney should come from a neglectful family and have low-self esteem, John's attraction should definitely develop gradually. This should not be a rushed fic, the longer the better. And as a personal challenge, id really like it if the fic can somehow end in DisneyLand. lol, looking forward to any stories.
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