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I discovered writing fan fiction is a great way to relieve stress and it's just plain fun. My grammar/punctuation is HORRIBLE so please forgive me for any and all mistakes and remember, it's just for fun. :o)

I'd really love to co-author something so if anyone is interested let me know.

I'm totally a review junkie so please please please give me more! LOL
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John gets orders to be transferred out of Atlantis and Rodney realizes the only way for him to stay is to become a civilian. Unfortunately, John may be smart but he doesn't have a PhD and is therefore unqualified to join the scientific staff. So, Rodney offers to marry him next time they're back on earth so that John can come back to Atlantis as his spouse. This has to start out with them being best friends and SLOWLY falling in love through a series of steps and trials. I would love to see Jeannie helping them plan the wedding and the varied reactions of their friends and colleagues.
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McKay asks Sheppard to turn on a device he *thinks* is supposed to help you stay awake but the Ancients never were good at labeling their toys and things always get lost in translation. Turns out, the artifact is supposed to enlighten adults to the way adolescents view the world. Soon after the device is activated, everyone in Atlantis starts to experience signs of going through puberty (acne, horniness,mood swings, and all the fun physical stuff). Major points for humor! Can include any characters,pairings, or ratings. Just for laughs.

This is an AU of any and all versions of Robinhood. Substitute names/characters at will. Personally, I think Ronon would make a great Little John. Have fun!
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One word: Bubblegum. Do with it what you will :o)

AU based on the basic premise of the film P.S. I Love You. Either John or Rodney has died but in order to help the other move on, they've left a series of letters for the other. All letters begin with the phrase "Hey Baby" and end "PS. I Love You."
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McShep in the Terminator Universe

Any dark fic. involving Lorne
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So I had a thought. What if the Pegasus Galaxy wasn’t as accepting of homosexuality as it is normally portrayed to be? What if homosexual relationships were seen simply unacceptable in a ‘world’ where populations were small and the birth of children was necessary for the survival of a culture? I’d love to see a fic. where John and Rodney are lovers and somehow they are put in a situation where their friendship with Ronon and Teyla is questioned or destroyed due to the latter’s belief that such a relationship is disgusting, selfish, and possibly even criminal. Maybe their own relationship is revealed or possibly they have to witness someone being punished for being gay; noting that both Ronon and Teyla agree that the individual(s) deserved to be reprimanded/penalized.

Write a fic. with the above as its title
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The Ancients didn't lose the war and so, never went back to earth. The Goa'uld still have a strong foothold in the galaxy but the humans are putting up a pretty good fight. Now the stargate activates and someone(s) from Atlantis steps through into the SGC gate room. What happens next? Will the Ancients be good or evil? Will there be war?
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The story of Teyla’s life before the expedition came through the Stargate. This could be her childhood, teenage years, how she met Kanaan, etc (really, anything pre-Atlantis). What was Teyla’s life like before she joined SGA-1? What were her people like? What were their traditions, customs, how did she become the leader of her people?
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