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I love Stargate and I write it constantly; I also post on Atlantica under "jewel_of_athos" and "vanishing", and on FFN as "domina tempore".

I will try to review everything that I read! :-)

Everything that I have posted her is also on FFN.
Challenges by jewel_of_athos
I want a Daniel and Teyla romance. I don't know why, but this pairing really appeals to me and I haven't yet read one. I want someone else's take on it. The first meeting should be awkward, something that one or both of them was anticipating, but at a different time and under different circumstances. Must involve Daniel and at least one off-world mission with Sheppard's team. I'd like some rivalry with Daniel by John or Ronon, and the team to try and be protective of Teyla. Can have any other characters, but Daniel and Teyla have to end up in love; whether they know it or not! Please no slash; I want the focus of this to be on the build-up of Daniel and Teyla's relationship. Oh, and kidnappings, wraith attacks, and whumpage are welcome!