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I love the McShep pairing, but am now branching into Evan/John. Though I don't think they mesh as well as Rodney and John, they still work.

I write Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, and Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction.

I also enjoy writing poems, and photography.
Challenges by Twinfetish
John and Rodney are Ancients living in Atlantis that is still residing on Earth. John is head of their Military operations and Rodney is working with Janus in the Sciences. John and Rodney built/build the Puddle Jumpers together. Rodney also creates the personal shield that was in season 1x3 Hide and Seek. Any additional expedition members are optional. I think it would be cool to have it end where Atlantis leaves Earth, since that is how the series starts, but that too is also optional.