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Thought of this while listening Evanescence's My Immortal so that's a good point of reference for emotional motivation etc. John and Rodney have been in a very passionate, secret relationship for years and no one suspects them. They’ve had ups and downs but together they are stronger. Rodney is the only one who knows the true John Sheppard and how deeply things do actually affect him. They’ve been each other’s coping mechanism through all the horrors that Pegasus has dealt them. When a mission goes horrifically wrong John is left in a comatose like state in the Atlantis infirmary (much like John Crichton at the end of Farscape) and left to deal with his grief alone while trying to still protect the true nature of their relationship. Rodney struggles with this to the point of breakdown. Carson is the one who discovers their relationship and desperately tries to keep their secret but the genetic evidence provided by the birth of Rodney and John’s child make it impossible. John is dishonorably discharged from American military. Must show depth of John and Rodney’s relationship before accident. Must show accident, immediate aftermath and how Rodney copes/doesn’t cope Must be NC-17 Must be LONG Fic! 20,000 + at least. MPreg/ John- with Rodney not wanting to have anything to do with the kid to begin with. The whole gang can be in it but not bothered if Keller gets left out.
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