Penname: moonstalker24 [Contact]
Real name: Alasia Member Since: 07 May 2007
Membership status: Member
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Brown w/ Purple Streaks
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Manufacturing and Printing Techinian and the field of Educational Lasers and Fiber Optics
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Painting, Photography

I am a huge fan of all things literary. I started in fanfiction in middle school with anime fics (SM/DBZ crossovers mostly) and from there branched into other categories. (LOTR, HP, Stargate, SPN, ect.)

I am a published poet and am currently working on my novel. In the daytime I work build and work with lasers and Fiber Optics. It holds my interest. At night I am a fic junkie and spend most of my time either reading fics or watching something from my movie/tv series collection.

I currently live with my Grandparents and my two dogs, Scooter (Brittany Spaniel) and Pepper (Doberman). I am the youngest of four daughters and enjoy spending time with my three nieces.

I allow my imagination to roam around freely, so watch your head for low hanging beams. My sister once described that my mind is like an Escher painting.
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