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I like well written stories. Though het is something I normally do not read.
Favorite Authors
1. Amireal
2. amitee
I like this. Please say there's more!
3. anyanka
I love that Jonh isn't in control. It's so hot. Your writing is awesome!!!
4. astheblackrosewilts
5. Basingstoke
Interesting stories. "Team building" now that was good!
6. Beaker Bait
The list is great.
7. cooksterbird
8. Diayma
9. Domenika Marzione
Nice way to make Rodney 'Lantian. I have no clue as to which story this was. Love your writings anyways
10. ForCryinOutLoud
11. kbk
12. Khriskin
I like Team 5. More please!!!
13. Lady Ra
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16. Mardahin
17. Mhalachai
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