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Favorite Authors
1. Amireal
I love just about everything I've ever read by this author--great balance between humor and angst and the characterizations are dead on.
2. Auburn
This author has the ability to create complex images in just a few words. Nearly everything written by this person has the power to steal your breath with its depth and intensity. I wish I could write like that...
3. chelle
Everything by this author is well written but also HOT! Whew! (Fans self here)
4. eretria
This author is capable of evoking clearly an image with just a few words--so that you can actually see the action in your head as you read. Not to mention the almost lyrical quality to the work!
5. Icarus
Great character studies and stories full of angst. I loved Liar's Chair and look for more from this author all the time.
6. Lacey McBain
I have as yet to read a story by Lacey McBain that wasn't beautifully written as well as being a thoughful character study. Read everything written by this author!
7. lavvyan
There are just a handful of authors I can count on to deliver a blindingly well-done story and this is one of them!
8. Starry Diadem
This author may not have posted much, but there is a lyrical quality to the work that really pulls me in. Defining Gerunds is a masterpiece!
9. thegrrrl
This is one of my favorite authors--good stories, but very sexy stuff too!
10. velocitygrass
This author nails the characters voices! I fell in love with Wish List and began reading everything else written from there.