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I am back up and running. I have struggled through the last year. None the less, I have returned.

I have finished Lorne's Memoirs. I will be posting it a chapter at a time so that I can edit it as I go. I think it may be the best I've written yet. If not, then it is certainly among the best. Please enjoy it.

I mainly write Lorne/Sheppard, though I do venture into Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard occasionally.

I am slowly working on creating a livejournal site. It is
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Favorite Authors
1. Archae_ology
2. crazywriter10
shep/lorne writer
3. Orithain and Rina
The sentinel series!!! :-)
4. sharkie
McShep, but very good :-P
5. shinchansgirl
wolves and Sheppard and wolves; running with the moon series
6. slybrarian
this is great