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I believe that I am unique in my own little ways.

I love music, slash and art. Steak is my favorite food. The Ship Who Sang is my favorite book. Stargate is my favorite fandom, closely followed by Supernatural. I've been told I'm funny. And while I do try to be amusing on purpose, I get the feeling that I'm more often amusing on accident.
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Favorite Authors
1. Dr_Dredd
I kinda checked out of WB for a looong while and just recently came back. Then I suddenly remembered a fic I loved. You know? That fic with the thing and everyone goes something crazy with the you-know-what's-it but in a good way? Yeah I couldn't for the life of remember the name of "Memoranda from the Edge". Thank the gods WB has a "reviews you have left" function! Or else I'd be stuck combing through the whole site looking for it.