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I'm new to SGA, and especially to the fandom. I've just finished the second season and will be continuing with the third as soon as I can get my hands on the episodes. I ship McKay/Sheppard, and have a mild crush on Zelenka.
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Favorite Authors
1. Lacey McBain
2. Lady Ra
3. lavvyan
The author of several stories that I re-read any time I'm in the mood for something I know will be well written and enjoyable.
4. Leah
5. lillyjk
6. Luthien
7. Madison
8. Master Elayna
9. Mithreon
10. Orithain and Rina
11. Punk
12. Sandy
13. seperis
14. Shaddyr
15. sharkie
16. telesilla
17. thegrrrl
18. Tira Nog
19. unamaga
20. velocitygrass