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Okay, I'm female, 32 and live in Leicester, UK. Big fan of sci-fi in general and obviously Atlantis :). I'm also a huge slash fan. I'll read anyone with Sheppard...does that make me a Shepslut? I particularly like John/Carson and John/Rodney, and better yet John/Carson/Rodney mmmmm. Edited to add Radek...John/Radek or John/Radek in a threesome (or even foursome) with Carson or Rodney *vbg*.

Oh, and Lorne, as well ;).
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Favorite Authors
1. Alistair
Written part of a series with Talyessin the Outcast Ancient.
2. chelle
3. chelle and The Grrrl
4. Cynical
5. Emrys
6. KarenMcFadyyon
7. Knocknashee
8. likethekoschka
9. Merlin7
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