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Wow. It's been a bit. I'm back to maybe finish a story, maybe take one down or open it for someone else to maybe finish, cuz I'm pretty sure I won't.... What can I say, I got a boyfriend for the first time in 10 years, got kinda busy! hehe.. Got Busy a lot! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha... I digress. Thank goodness I remembered my password.
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Favorite Authors
1. Abi
need to check out her livejournal stuff when I have time.....
2. Amireal
Great. Rodney "really baked" au 'Dr. Sheppard' & 'Colonel McKay' author no longer uploading.... :(
3. cerebel
only 4 stories, only two nc-17.. but they're gooood.
4. chelle
Just finished A Song of Companionship-it figures that in a galaxy of 'not-potatoes' and 'not-chicken' there would be 'not-sex'.. all your stories are fantastic, I just *had* to favorite you!
5. deltacephei
anyone who writes MuppetCrack on the one hand and Rodney convinced aliens turned him gay on the other... well how could I NOT favorite....
6. helens78
Saving the Daniel/Rodney one for later. All Mcshep was gooooood.
7. likethekoschka
The first one was looong, but good despite my prejudice against non-nc17... saving this to read the rest later.
8. linaerys
Didn't write much, but it's good....
9. Master Elayna
You are awesome. The Grinches was my favorite. Wish *my* Xmas had been even 1/3 as good as that. Well done.
10. mckays_girl
*Favorited* (you that is) I should have known someone with the name "McKays girl" would end up being a favorite! -DESTINED- p.s. fyi a Dog's Breakfast is on hulu right now... nekkid David...heh heh.
11. Sid
Very good. Not many stories. :( Prestidigitation was super duper hot hot hot
12. Susan
Not actually a fav yet.. saving to read on a dark rainy day
13. thegrrrl
10,000 points for using one of my favorite words in Said and Unsaid (HUBRIS-HELL YEAH) You are golden. Thank you for the shiny blips of awesome on the landscape of my shit life that your plethora of stories provide!
14. the_cephalopod
I read all the nc-17 ones and a few besides from the earliest to the most recent. You just get better and better with each new story! You and Madison make me very happy. Thank you, YOU RULE.