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1. 9zanite
nice stories
2. anne isabelle
the best stories incredible porn
3. Auburn
wonderful intricate stuff
4. Bluespirit
some of my favourite stories
5. Chandri MacLeod
truly great stories
6. chelle
some of my all time facourite mcshep stories truly romantic and hot porn great writer
7. chopchica
fun short stories
8. Ciar
ok but some unfinished
9. Claire
good stories amazing hot porn
10. Creed Cascde
fun stuff
11. Crownglass39
hot stories
12. Diamond_Raven
good well written stories
13. ForCryinOutLoud
some favorite stories pretty good porn
14. Icarus
some good
15. Joolz
good stories
16. KarenMcFadyyon
good stories excellent porn
17. Lacey McBain
some of my favourite stories wonderful writer
18. Lady Ra
19. lantean_drift
cool stories
20. lavvyan