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Long-time slash writer/reader. McShep is my absolute favorite pairing, though I tolerate other people preferring them in other pairings. First Time stories are my favorite, but there are several authors on WraithBait that write so well that even already established relationship stories totally rock. =D
Favorite Authors
1. Feather Autant
Love the way Feather Autant writes; very earthy and solid and real.
2. Madison
One of my all-time favorite SGA McShep writers! LOVE this writer's work!
3. mckays_girl
mckays_girl is a most excellent author! I love the sweetness of John and Rodney's affection for each other when she writes them.
4. the_cephalopod
I simply adore the_cephalopod's work. S/he is a consummate storyteller!