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Meh. Eventually, I'll figure out how to post stories. And write more than the one I have at
Favorite Authors
1. aesc
2. Amireal
Always sweet.
3. anyanka
4. Argosy
5. Bluespirit
Another prolific writer. =)
6. Ionaonie
All good.
7. Lacey McBain
8. Lady Anne
9. Lady Ra
All very sweet. No romance drama.
10. lantean_drift
Prolific and fun.
11. Leah
Much the yay.
12. Lyrstzha
13. Madison
Gotta love prolific writers. Esp of the McShep variety. Or anything where McKay is awesome/hurt/etc.
14. MistoKitt
15. NeeveBrody
16. Orithain and Rina
These girls are FUN!
17. rasah
18. Reflex
Every fic is awesome and fluffy with cool sci-fi plots.
19. thegrrrl
*thumbs up*
20. the_cephalopod