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Angst junky. I like new and fresh ideas. As the name suggests, I would also like to beta these fresh, original tales of terror and destruction. If your interests are anything like mine, you will enjoy reading Xanthe, Haggy, and especially Darkestangel.
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Favorite Authors
1. Amalthia
2. anne isabelle
3. anyanka
4. crazywriter10
5. Crownglass39
6. Dianann
7. Elvichar
8. Haggy
I heart Haggy, and everything she writes.
9. Jane Elliot
10. kiden
11. Korilian
12. lavvyan
13. livengoo
14. Mice
15. micehell
16. shootingsilverstarlight
17. The Moonmoth
18. thegrrrl
19. Xanthe