Penname: Reona [Contact]
Real name: Member Since: 21 Aug 2005
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Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Occupation: Human Being, Engineering Clerk
Hobbies: writing, reading

I am obsessed with writing. I lose sleep over the fact that I can't get my head to shut up. My muses talk non-stop into my ear and I have idea after idea for stories. I mostly write fan fiction but I occasionally wonder into an original story or even a poem. I'm a slash writer and the fact that Stargate: Atlantis has such a large slash following is fine by me. My favorite pairing is Sheppard/McKay, otherwise know as McShep. *snickers*

I loathe the sun and can be found wide-awake from 6 p.m. to around 6 a.m. I sleep during the day and am unapproachable until I have had no less than 10 hours of sleep. I am also quite cranky if I don't dream, which is a blue moon occurrence.

I live with both my parents and two cats. The older cat is a shelter cat named Boots; she is black with white paws. The younger cat is a gray tortoise shell named Little Bit and I rescued her off the streets. I have an older brother of 29 named Daniel who moved out five years ago.

I like pizza, macaroni n' cheese, mashed potatoes, pork chops, ginger chicken, and roast beef. I hate peas; tasteless little balls of green that they are. I like American, Mexican, and Chinese foods best. I love to cook, so for the past few years I've been the main chef in my house. Dinner is mostly my doing unless we barbeque, which my Dad won't let me near. Bastard.

I have a very active imagination, so watch your head. Also, please be careful wondering around. The muses like to jump people. And, yes, I am insane and proud of it.
Yahoo IM: reona32
Favorite Authors
1. astheblackrosewilts
2. Kamelion
3. likethekoschka
4. shootingsilverstarlight