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Just a lover of John/Rodney slash. Though I'm developing a taste for John/Radek these days.
Favorite Authors
1. Amireal
Read all stories posted through 12/14/08. Good John/Rodney with humour.
2. anyanka
Hot D/s. Read everything thru 1/2009 except Nephalei which is still WIP.
3. ashtakra
Enjoying her stories.
4. Auburn
Read all stories published through 4/16/2009.
5. auburnanderetria
Read all stories completed prior to 12/9/2008.
6. Chandri MacLeod
Look for more by this author.
7. Idyll
Read all stories published through 4/18/09.
8. Joolz
Read all stories published thru 4/18/09.
9. keira
Read everything posted thru 12/8/2008.
10. Lady Ra
Enjoying her McShep stories. Read all through 2/2/09.
11. lavvyan
Enjoy her McShep
12. LE McMurray
Read all completed stories through 12/3/08.
13. luvsciencegeeks
14. Madison
Read her "Perfect Strangers" series.
15. Martha
16. Master Elayna
Nice AU with John as a cop and McKay with son Timothy.
17. Mithreon
BDSM. Have read all stories through 2/19/2009.
18. Mystic
Enjoy her stories.
19. Negolith
20. Nightchaser
Read all stories published through 12/2008.