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Let's see, what can I tell you about myself. I'm 33 and live in Pittsburgh. I'm a primary care doc by training, a psychiatrist by inclination, and I do research in both. Dr. Dredd was a nickname given to me during medical school. I'm not sure if it was meant to be complimentary, but I use it with pride anyway!

If it's not already obvious,I've liked the doctor characters on the sci-fi shows, from Leonard McCoy in the first Star Trek to Julian Bashir in DS9 to Janet Frasier in SG-1. And last but definitely not least, Carson Beckett. I try to write stories where I can get into the characters' heads. This often leads to both physical and psychological whumping. All in a good cause.

I love dogs. All shapes and all sizes, and I'm especially a sucker for puppies. I grew up with two bichon frises, and am dying to get another one now that I have my own place. Unfortunately, the landlord of the building where I live doesn't allow dogs. So I'm now looking to move! Stay tuned.