Penname: Cassie Jamie [Contact]
Real name: Katie Member Since: 30 Dec 2004
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I'm CJ. Ignore the real name - it's not important. I'm 30, post-college yet went back (such a masochist), and I miss SGA like I'd miss my right hand. I promise I'm friendlier than this bio makes it seem; I'm no good at this kind of stuff.

Anyway, this is the important fandom stuff you should know:
1. I write slash. Male slash. In varying numbers from 2 to 4 to Orgy.
2. I have no problems writing kink or angst.
3. I write deathfic. Check the CHAPTER warnings, please. If I forget to change the original warning, I will always remember for that specific chapter.
4. I do not write graphic non-con, incest, chan, or femmeslash of the porn persuasion. I just can't write those things.

The following are the pairings I write/read:
Rodney/Carson (OTP, baby!), Rodney/John, John/Carson, Rodney/John/Carson, Rodney/John/Carson/Radek
Weir/Stackhouse, Weir/Zelenka, Parrish/Lorne, Cadman/Lorne, Laura/Carson/Rodney, Weir/Caldwell