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All my fanfics so far have been on, and I habven't done any SGA, but I'm getting there, I swear! The plot bunnies are hopping about in their cages trying to escape, I think they might pop out any day now.
I read a LOT and I review as much as I can, but if I happen to forget on your story then I am very sorry.
Fave pairings are Beckett/McKay and Sheppard/Weir, though really I'll read just about anything.
Much love!
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Summary: In 1939, Cam Mitchell gives his future self a tiny little nudge in the name of true love. How could that screw up anything? Sheppard/Mitchell, Lorne/Parrish, others.

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Summary: Ah, Imaginary Gate Team 5... from their inception in sga_flashfic's Mission Report challenge these five fictives have demanded more screen time than any OCs I've ever written! Puttering around behind the scenes in canon-friendly fics and AUs alike, mighty GT5 does the work no one else can do. Mostly because everyone else would have died of terminal boredom or rabies by now. ^_~

But GT5 isn't just slapstick (no matter how Amy's Mission Report reads!), they are five real people out doing their best in a galaxy far far away. Maybe they aren't GT1 caliber, but they aren't afraid of hard work... just the wombats.

Fics are listed in order by timeline and/or suggested reading order. The 'Tales' is a collection of drabbles created prior to the series formatting upgrade, each chapter is a separate story/drabble.

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Comments: Love every story in this series, it's amazing!