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Summary: In the year 10073 After the Exodus, humans are the dominant race on Earth. The remaining descendants of the Lanteans are kept as pets, carefully bred to keep the gene alive that is needed to operate their ancestors' machines, their beautiful cities. Once a pet is fully mature, he or she is assigned to an owner; a person they are programmed to love and obey until they die.

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Comments: My absolute and all time fav.
Summary: Rodney paused, and thought through that line. “Okay, first of all, English majors suck and I totally almost failed all my composition classes. I utterly detest putting words into other words so that people won't be offended. What is the cart and what is the horse?” (First "part" is get-together; after that, established relationship)

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Comments: Somewhat unbelievable but undeniably very funny and somehow cute