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Hi. I'm a 27 years old girl from Germany. I'm a fan of Stargate since the beginning of SG-1. In the last three years, SGA became my favourite of the Stargate universe. I prefer the pairings McShep and Jack/Daniel. But team fictions too. Rodney is absolutely my favourite character from SGA. You have to love him easily.

I write stories since about 12 years. Unfortunately, until now only in German.
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Summary: One possible future. Follow Atlantis through twenty years of change and growth. Pairings include McKay/Sheppard, Parrish/Lorne, Beckett/Cadman, Weir/Zelenka, and various original characters. Mention of MPreg.

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Summary: Response to Lena's Sentinel/SGA challenge: '[...] Rodney was a Sentinel who didn't find his guide [...] somehow John misses being tested. Of course much later they would meet [...] Rodney going all these years without a guide doesn't realize what he's smelling and of course John is just clueless.

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Summary: Rodney paused, and thought through that line. “Okay, first of all, English majors suck and I totally almost failed all my composition classes. I utterly detest putting words into other words so that people won't be offended. What is the cart and what is the horse?” (First "part" is get-together; after that, established relationship)

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