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Favorite Series
Summary: What happens when two people who are not your typical Sentinel or Guide meet up?

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Summary: Response to Lena's Sentinel/SGA challenge: '[...] Rodney was a Sentinel who didn't find his guide [...] somehow John misses being tested. Of course much later they would meet [...] Rodney going all these years without a guide doesn't realize what he's smelling and of course John is just clueless.

Open: Closed
Summary: An AU series where John left the Air Force after Afghanistan and became a police officer, moving next door to Rodney, who is a widower with a child.

Open: Closed
Summary: Based on The Sentinel bonding AUs, you don't need to know anything about them as it is all explained for you. No Sentinel characters appear.

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Summary: Being defined by their genes wasn't what they wanted. They wanted to be known by what they could *do*.

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