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Summary: Sentinels and Guides form a juvenile pair bond in childhood in order for Sentinels to survive. Neither John or Rodney formed that bond until they were older, which shocked both their parents, the academic community, and their governments.

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Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Humour, Series
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Summary: Response to Lena's Sentinel/SGA challenge: '[...] Rodney was a Sentinel who didn't find his guide [...] somehow John misses being tested. Of course much later they would meet [...] Rodney going all these years without a guide doesn't realize what he's smelling and of course John is just clueless.

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Summary: An AU series where John left the Air Force after Afghanistan and became a police officer, moving next door to Rodney, who is a widower with a child.

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Summary: Based on The Sentinel bonding AUs, you don't need to know anything about them as it is all explained for you. No Sentinel characters appear.

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