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Just a huge lover and reader of SGA & Thoughtcrimes fanfiction. Maybe one day I will write something myself; until then I'll keep reading until my friends form an intervention and get me some 'real' help. Maybe 30 days at the John Sheppard Clinic for Addictions.
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Summary: When John suddenly loses Rodney he finds it an unacceptable loss, but later someone appears who changes everything.
Deathfic but only kind of.

Updated: 14 Feb 2009; Published: 29 Nov 2008
Comments: How do you expect someone to read one of the best SGA stories ever written when they are sobbing so hard that they can hardly hold their head up or see one foot in front of their face; not only that, but they are so sad that they want to toss the afore mentioned computer out the window? Juuuuusssst askin'.