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Just recently discovered this website. Enjoy reading these stories. I realize that writing these stories is not easy - otherwise everyone would do it. Therefore I will make every effort to post a review for each story I read. Thank you all for sharing your talent.
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Summary: Lord John Sheppard was no stranger to the business of murder, but he'd hardly expected to find it on a weekend in the country. But murder it was, and what's more, Rodney McKay was the prime suspect. Can John find the real murderer and, in the process, prove McKay's innocence? Time is running out, and he'll need all of his famous sleuthing skills – and McKay's help – to keep the man he's falling in love with from the hangman's noose.

Updated: 13 Oct 2010; Published: 13 Oct 2010
Comments: Well done! Definitely enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!