Penname: Davechicken [Contact]
Real name: Em Member Since: 20 Jan 2005
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Davechicken, AFKA Skip, AKA Em, AKA... oh, just shout.

Lover of the shades of grey, 'unsympathetic' characters, snark, moral ambiguity and long words.

Ex-student, occasional ficcer (like an occasional table, except even more useless), literature lover, linguist, historian, philosopher and practitioner of the great art of bluff.

Has been known to make music vids, put characters in drag, whump or otherwise abuse them. This does not mean she loves them any less.

Far more sociable than any misanthropist has a right to be. Also doesn't know what else there is to know about her.

It's all in the website, or the LJ anyway ;)

Please don't mention the 's' word ('sequel') because people only get hurt, and we don't want that now, do we?

Thought not.
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