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My friends keep telling me that I'm a vampire. I keep telling them their wrong.... I'm not a vampire... I'm a wraith. There's a difference.
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The Pack by Nightchaser [NC-17]
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Summary: “I can’t believe this ... what have they done to us?” hissed Sheppard, automatically reaching for weapons he knew weren’t there.

“We asked for their defence against the Wraith,” said Ronan. “And they shared it with us.”

Updated: 04 Sep 2007; Published: 11 Sep 2006
Reviewer: ladyothegate2 (Signed)
27 Jan 2008
This story is incredible. I must say that I've never seen anything like this. Although I have noticed that you sometimes need to watch your pronouns for example in a few places I noticed you used him instead of his. That's okay though it's impossible to catch all mistakes. Anyways when are you going to update again? It's been awhile.
Chapter 17: Chapter 17