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Summary: "I would give anything for you to be real." (A "Left to Fend" Remix)

Updated: 08 Jul 2006; Published: 08 Jul 2006
Reviewer: MF Luder (Signed)
10 Apr 2008
I cannot even begin to say how much this story has moved me. The original characters first off, are so rich and fleshed out. I came to love them as much as the actual canon characters. This also extends into the setting you created, the idea of Tal and the society, as well as the ripples that were created all over the galaxy, and even back to Earth.

And God, all those years between the real!McKay and the holo!Shep. So painful. I can't even begin to imagine how either of them survived it, McKay missing his own Sheppard and being forced to face someone, something, that looks and (seems to) acts just like him. And Sheppard, the whole time missing McKay even when he's right in front of him. It broke my heart (literally, I think, I haven't stopped crying yet).

And the ceremony and the holo versions...they're so real, so beautiful and you know it's not the real McKay and Sheppard, but the fact that they and their love and feelings live on, and might for's romantic and beautiful, and heart-breaking all together.

"Johnny's voice: "Uncle John, stop! You're destroying the city!""--God, that bit broke me more than I thought was possible at that point.

Is is safe to assume perhaps, that the people carrying the Defender and Preserver had some new form of the chip planted in Johnny's brain? And that the first pair might have been Will and John? That idea just...astounds my mind. God, so lovely, all of it.

Author's Response: I can\'t thank you enough for your beautiful review, MF. Springwoof and I are honoured that our story touched and moved you so deeply, and that you felt the same about the original characters as well. Your words are more appreciated than we can say.


I\'m afraid that Will and Johnny weren\'t the first Carriers of John and Rodney\'s consciousnesses--the technology wasn\'t available for at least a generation. But John and Rodney (or their closest continuers, at any rate) were together in Atlantis, and I like to think that they were happy. :) Than you again. Leah

Chapter 1: One of One