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Summary: This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. (Or, in which John turns on something unexpected. Vaguely John/Atlantis)

Categories: General
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Series
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: Dramatic Exit

Word count: 1848; Completed: Yes
Updated: 15 Jun 2008; Published: 19 Feb 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
16 Jun 2008
Oh this is good. Are you going to add more or do a sequle? I hope so. If you do John or someone will have to name her. maybe Lana. And then there will have to be a Romy refrance maybe.

Well I hope you do more with this and soon. I love it.

Love the war games refrance too.

Author's Response: The computer\'s name shall be Mike, because I feel like being old-school.
Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Summary: While stuck at the SGC during "The Return", John's new team gets into trouble off-world and he gets to kneel before yet another galaxy-conquering woman.

Categories: General
Characters: John Sheppard, Other
Genres: Character Study, Episode Related
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2225; Completed: Yes
Updated: 21 Mar 2008; Published: 21 Mar 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
18 Aug 2008
It would be so funny if Adria showed up at SGC for a fun movie night of Star Wars. All the Lanteans can start up on the How I saw Sheppars Kirk ... stories.

Loved it. More please.

Author's Response: heh, I really should do that some time.
Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Summary: The fall of Atlantis came and went with a bang...Now McKay finds himself back at the beginning again. But there is a problem or two.

Updated: 30 Jun 2013; Published: 05 Jun 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
13 Jun 2008
I love this fic, you do a really good job with Rodney. I hope you update it real soon.
Chapter 6: Chapter 6
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
16 Jun 2008
Ahhh! I need to have more, please. I think this fic might be my new drug. Please if you have more can you update.

Dose this mean that Rodney now has the gene without the therapy?

When he gets back to Atlantis he'll have soooo much more fun.
Chapter 7: Chapter 7
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
20 Jun 2008
You updated! Yeahh! It was very good chapter. Now that I am addictied to this fic how long til the next two chapter? PLEASEEEE must have more.

I love how the story progresses.
Maybe Rodney can take Lorne shopping, tech shopping.
Chapter 8: Chapter 8
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
28 Jun 2008
The Wraith?! Tehy found the milky way? How, why, what are they going to do next? Dose this mean that John will be showing up soon?

PLease update soon. PLEASE!
Chapter 9: Chapter 9
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
26 Jul 2008
I Loved this chapter, even the little bit of Kirkness Sheppard tried to slip in.

I really do hope you update soon, like tomorrow even.
Chapter 11: Chapter 11
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
18 Aug 2008
Oaky you have to do a spin-off of all the ways John and Rodney use pinky and the Brain reforances, and the when and how it started.

But first....

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
07 Sep 2008
IS Rodny Asending? He's got some of the same powers as in Tao. John is sooo never going to let Rodney leave his side off world again.

I loved it, can we please have somemore? Please, just another chapter or ten?
Chapter 12: Chapter 12
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
10 Nov 2008
OMG!!! This was so great! We need more Cadman! Oh and what about more Cadman and big boom!! Fun? Maybe fixing something that Sam sooo messed up that Rodney, Evan and John had to fix.
Chapter 17: The Scenic Route...Mountain Daze
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
10 Nov 2008
OH! this was great I love it! Top Gun referances and SMALLVILLE! hay they could do movie night and the three of them can MSKT it even giving spoilers for a movie that somehow SG-1 missed in the theaters.

I Soo LOve the huge update. Do you think you have another one soon, like oh today maybe.

What would be cool is if one of the female System Lords hit on John cause he can't controle his Kirkyness and Rodney has to save him and maybe SG-1. It would be funny to see who would win the Kirk her contest between Daniel and John.
Chapter 18: The Scenic Route...Surprise Flight
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
05 Jan 2009
Ahhh!! I loived this chapter! Girls Night! Can you do a chapter or two on the whole of what happes at Girls night out? Please!

Author's Response: :Snickers: could but no, you can if you want. love to read it.
Chapter 19: The Scenic Route...Boy's Night
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
10 Aug 2009
Yeahhh!! I'm gone form the comp for a bit and come back to find one of my favorit stories has been added to!!

I'm loving how Rodney took down Kavanagh! hay being in the girl type body means next time he can give the knee between the legs and it'll be okay.

Now can you please add more, maybe some of them cute masterminding black and white birds can make it on to the outpost!
Chapter 28: The Out
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
29 Mar 2010
Has Cadman not slipped the never blond mix into Liz's shampoo yet?

Really I'd of thought that Jack and John would have come up with a full proof black ops plane to get rid of Kavanagh.
The other geeks would surely cover for them. Maybe Laura could blow up a small I ce range and he could be trapped under it?

I can't wait to read more can you update again tomorrow? You know you want to.

I had to read the whole thing though again cause that's the best way.
Still can't waite for the next update.
Chapter 29: Out Post Two

Summary: Title says it all really.

Categories: General
Characters: John Sheppard
Genres: Humour
Warnings: None
Chapters: 4 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 1903; Completed: No
Updated: 05 Jul 2008; Published: 25 Jun 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
28 Jun 2008
I love this more please.

Oh how about 'So your goon's Kirk... How to save him from from the females and you from the fry pan.'

Author's Response: good idea xx
Chapter 1: Part One: So you've gotten yourself kidnapped?

Summary: They lose the Daedelus at the beginning of the fifth year. That's the first night John crawls into bed with him.

Updated: 18 Jul 2008; Published: 18 Jul 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
19 Jul 2008
I really like this story alot. It was great reading.
Chapter 1: In This Era of Liberty

Summary: Once somebody starts spreading rumors that you worship Cthulhu it can be hard to dissuade them. Especially if you've been born and bred to do just that. Crossover with the Mythos.

Follow-up of "Sitting in a Tin Can", also on Wraithbait. Spoilers for late season four and early season five.

Updated: 08 Aug 2009; Published: 02 Aug 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
20 Aug 2008
Okay I just started reading this chapter and I have to give a quick review!
I'm sooo loving Caldwell! Only he could give a stifflaced responce about the cultists of Yog-Sothoth to Woosley and not come out sounding like a cult memeber.
I'm really loving this so far!
Chapter 3: Steven Caldwell
[ - ]

Summary: *Caution* AU, Season 2 Episode 18 "Michael." This is an alternate path that Michael might've taken had things gone differently. He is befriended by his guard, Major Gray, and learns just what it means to be human--and Wraith.

Categories: General
Characters: None
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 9 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 12549; Completed: Yes
Updated: 16 Aug 2008; Published: 13 Aug 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
16 Aug 2008
OKay You HAVE to write more PLEASEEEE!

I got hooked and then it ends? So where's the fallow up story? Please write more.
Chapter 9: Chapter 8

Summary: In a multiverse full of infinite possibilities, not every alternate Daedalus is quite as empty as the one the 'normal' team found. On one such ship, the stranded occupants find various... alternative ways of entertaining themselves. Two related fics written for the SGA Flashfic "role reversal" challenge.

Updated: 15 Aug 2008; Published: 15 Aug 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
18 Aug 2008
LOL! I Love this fic. Please post more soon.
Hay what would happen if a Sam Carter somehow got onto the ship?

Author's Response: Sam Carter is too smart to end up on the ship. But, if she did, I suspect she could fit in well with any of the groups on the ship - bridge bunnies, engineers, or, um, the ones recreating. Depends on the Sam, I suppose.
Chapter 2: Part the Second - Measure of a Man

Summary: Even after twenty years, Rodney still has no idea how to raise children. Kidfic, futurefic. Past character death.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Character death
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 16276; Completed: Yes
Updated: 14 Sep 2008; Published: 14 Sep 2008
Reviewer: Dema (Signed)
15 Sep 2008
This was so good it made me get teary-eyed. I loved it.

Author's Response: I\'m glad to hear it :)
Chapter 1: Chapter 1