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Atlantis by Tonia Barone [PG-13]
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Summary: What if Atlantis WASN'T just a very smart city. What if she was sentient? How would she react to not only being above water again, but having people living within her walls? This is Stargate: Atlantis through the city's eyes.

Categories: Slash Pairings > Multiple relationships
Characters: Carson Beckett, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Character Study, Drama, Episode Related, Series
Warnings: None
Chapters: 16 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 22810; Completed: No
Updated: 12 Nov 2005; Published: 20 Sep 2005
Reviewer: MJLuvsPolar (Signed)
26 Jun 2008
Oh wow! I got to read all 16 chapters at once and I'm glad because I got to the McShep part before I have to wait for updates. ~_^ I *adore* the idea of Atlantis being sentient and I'm really enjoying seeing the things from her point of view. Great story. I can't wait to read the next chapter...
Chapter 16: Interlude: Rodney and John

Summary: When Earth became indifferent to them, Atlantis and the people who loved her looked for ways to make things work. And then Earth tried to change the rules.

Thanks to Miriel and Nei'chan for help and beta services.

Updated: 09 Jul 2008; Published: 04 Feb 2007
Reviewer: MJLuvsPolar (Signed)
24 Jun 2008
Wow. I've only recently made my way over to SGA fic and as a really quite rabit SG1 fan ~_^, this fic seemed a good place to start. And wow. I love the idea of Atlantis declaring independence from Earth, plus the whole SG1 conspiracy thing, oh and the CLONES - yay the clones. Plus I can totally can see the lure of Rodney and John. So I guess that means I've picked up another fandom to stalk. Thanks for the great intro - I'm really looking forward to the next update.

MJ :)

Author's Response: You are so very welcome. Thank you for the great review!
Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Waking To A New Day
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Summary: The Ancients' genes didn't just confer the power to activate their technology. For ten percent of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gave them Gifts: special abilities that made them admired, envied, and feared.

Sheppard was a Charmer, one of the feared ones, whose particular Gift let him create faith whenever he needed to be trusted or believed. But Sheppard didn't trust himself not to destroy what he loved most. And somewhere along the line, amid the terror and chaos of the Expedition's first year in the Pegasus Galaxy, what Sheppard loved most had become Rodney McKay.

McKay didn't trust anyone. As soon as you started trusting people, you started counting on them, depending on them, and that was when you became vulnerable. And vulnerable things didn't survive. So just when, exactly, had he started trusting Sheppard?

And what was going to happen, now that he did?

Updated: 16 Aug 2007; Published: 16 Aug 2007
Reviewer: MJLuvsPolar (Signed)
27 Jun 2008
Amazing. I adore AU stories in general, SciFi AU stories in particular and this was was just...amazing! I loved the way you wove cannon through your own mythology , meshing 'real' Atlantis characters with their gifts was perhaps the biggest joy of this fic. Oh and I LOVED the little tilt to dueSouth - I really couldn't imagine Fraser as a mundane but giving him such a freakyly disgusting gift? Yeah that was LOL funny! I also really connected with the McShep aspect of 'Aegis'. Totally loved how screwed in the head John was AND the fact that I actually believed for more than half the fic that his touching *was* harmful. Rodney's vibrant appeal was so wonderfully deepened for us as we got to see it through Elizabeth's gift-enhanced 'eyes' and I loved the way that John saw/felt when he was connected to Rodney using the chair - hot curry indeed! Oh can you tell I loved this story? Yeah I really, really did. Fairly new to Atlantis fic but I've been reading fanfic for *years* and I rarely come across stories such as this one that satisfies me on so many levels. Thanks for sharing it.


Author's Response: I`m so sorry that we somehow missed this fantastic review, MJ! Thank you so, so much for your wonderful comments and your thoughts on the story. It was a lot of fun writing about the Gifts and how they worked and affected the characters who had them. I have to admit that writing Elizabeth was occasionally exhausting--everthing anyone said to her had an underlying current that had to be mentioned--but also extremely satisfying. And yes, it was impossible to think of the dS boys without Gifts, and since Benton tastes so much stuff off the street in canon (ugh!) that was instantly the perfect Gift for him. :) I`m very glad it made you smile.\r\n\r\nThank you again,\r\n\r\nLeah
Chapter 1: One of One

Summary: After the war with Voldemort, the champions of the light scattered to the four winds. Eighteen years after the Dark Lord was killed, secrets of Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard's past are revealed when the Daedalus brings reinforcements to Atlantis. Harry Potter x Stargate: Atlantis crossover, McShep.

Updated: 29 Jan 2012; Published: 26 Aug 2008
Reviewer: MJLuvsPolar (Signed)
11 Sep 2008
I always try and keep an eye out for HP/SGA crossovers and this one already looks great! I LOVE the idea of Rodney getting to experience the Wizarding World, I imagine his scathing wit will have much to focus on. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.
Chapter 3: Chapter Three

Summary: Choosing to stay in Pegasus wasn't complicated for the people of Atlantis. What happened next? That was where things got interesting.

Updated: 20 Jun 2011; Published: 01 Oct 2008
Reviewer: MJLuvsPolar (Signed)
29 Nov 2010
I've just finished reading all 13 chapters of this fic and I gotta say I'm already desperate for more! This is fabulous - I *love* how you're letting us see how both Earth and Atlantis-based characters are doing. I gotta admit that for a very long time Jack/Daniel was my OTP so it's also awesome to have them in this story - and happy!

Thanks so much for sharing - I'll definitely be looking out for the next update.

MJ :)

Author's Response: Thank you!\r\nCheck out the Wordpress site for more stuff from me!\r\n\r\n~L
Chapter 13: Earth Chapter Six - Homecoming