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Summary: Shows us what a rudderless John would be like and reminds us of how unstoppable a force of nature a McKay, any McKay, can be. (thanks to sgamadison for that wonderful summary)

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard, General
Characters: John Sheppard, Original Character, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst, AU - Alternate Universe, Hurt Comfort
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 5148; Completed: Yes
Updated: 14 May 2010; Published: 14 May 2010
Reviewer: EmAnD (Signed)
16 May 2010
OMG that was wonderful and just perfect!
Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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Summary: *Slash* Sheppard/Lorne

Evan Lorne loves John Sheppard, everything about him.

Categories: Slash Pairings > Lorne/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Major Lorne
Genres: Established Relationship, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes, May squick
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 4394; Completed: Yes
Updated: 15 May 2010; Published: 15 May 2010
Reviewer: EmAnD (Signed)
15 May 2010
Is it too much to hope that John loves Evan? So good! As much as I want John to love him back its so good to think that he doesn't and Evan will love him no matter what. Just really good!

Ok I have to ask, how would John react to someone coming along who, if given the opportunity, Evan would be able to love and be happy with? I'd like to think John would be selfish and keep Evan from this person.

Author's Response: I think John is just afraid to love Evan. But I still think he cares for him deeply. =) I think it wouldn\'t matter if someone else came along that could love Evan the right way, I think Evan is fine with everything how it already is with John. But I definitely think this John would be totally possessive and selfish. =) Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: Sad Excuse
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Summary: Sequel to Neverland--*Mild SLASH* Sheppard/Mitchell.

Having his mom here was different than having John's parents for a visit. For one thing Cam's mom had no idea about any of John's past. She didn't understand why John was so quiet, so contained, so dedicated to Cam and Rodney and Daniel. She didn't understand why John did their laundry and vacuumed their rooms and cooked their meals. Cam was pretty sure his mom thought John was some kind of glorified housewife to all three of them.

Updated: 28 May 2010; Published: 28 May 2010
Reviewer: EmAnD (Signed)
03 Jun 2010
So I gotta say you totally fooled me with this one. I thought this was gonna be about Cam's mom and everyone else so I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with her, then nothing. (you will not fool me again! Lol)

It was nice to see how Cam's John is bleeding in to AF John, looks like it's a first of breakthroughs to become whole instead of separate pieces of a whole, which he clearly created to protect himself. I liked the subtly of how he is getting better and how even though his struggles seem small, to him, they are mountains.

Oh and I luv how supportive everyone is of him and protective; I'd really wouldn't want to know who or what John would have become w/o such caring and supportive ppl in his life.

I totally hope you keep going, though I can see how hard it probably is with this story. Though you could always take a break from this by adding to one of your other stories. (coughbcdcough)

Author's Response: Lol, sorry. I suck with summaries and just couldn\'t decide what to pick. Sometimes I think the hardest part of the whole fic is deciding on how to sell it to the readers, lol. Didn\'t mean to fool you! I\'m almost sure I\'m going to keep going. I just can\'t seem to leave it alone. *grin* And lol. At first I was like \"What\'s coughbcdcough?\" and then I figured it out. Took me like four minutes though. Enough time to save the world. Haha. Anyways, hm that BCD sequel thingy... probably not for a couple more months. I\'m working on a longish fic right now that I\'m trying to power through, although it\'s kicking my ass. So we\'ll see. =) Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: Words

Summary: SLASH (John Sheppard/Connor Daivds [OMC])

Connor is, and John is, and together they are.

A sequel to Becoming Connor Davids.

Updated: 01 Mar 2011; Published: 01 Mar 2011
Reviewer: EmAnD (Signed)
02 Mar 2011
Squel!! love love love! This was so perfect and totally John and Conner but you can def see the changes in both of them. Can't wait for more of this. Also, I've totally become a lurker lately but I have been readying everything you've put out in this fandom and especially in BCSD and I keep wanting to hug and cuddle your fics. ha ha :-)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!! When I\'m not so lazy I might move some of the snippets over here... =D
Chapter 1: Airplanes and Shooting Stars