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Promises by Shayz [NC-17]
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Summary: Sequel to Duality. Life doesn't play by any rules... or make promises. Everyone's in love... can it survive in the Pegasus Galaxy?

Updated: 03 Jul 2009; Published: 07 Jul 2007
Reviewer: gemini (Signed)
15 Mar 2009
Love reading this.Re- read the series.Cant wait for more.
Chapter 21: Chapter 21

Summary: Waking up with John still sleeping soundly in his arms, holding on to Cam, was what Cam was most thankful for this Thanksgiving. It wasn't often that he woke up before John, Cam could count the number of times it had happened on one hand. So he stayed very still, and kept his breathing slow and even, so he didn't wake his husband up.

Updated: 22 Oct 2010; Published: 22 Oct 2010
Reviewer: gemini (Signed)
24 Oct 2010
I had your writing recommended to me and I'm so happy I did. This and it's predecessors had me hooked (seriously.Try cooking a roast dinner with you're iPod attached to your hand - it can't be done).It was heart wrenching in places, heart breakingly beautiful in others as they all worked as a unit but eternally awe inspiring.

Every time I reached the end of one I was desperately looking for more, wanting to know the next step for not only John and Cam but for Daniel and Rodney too.

The understanding between them all even with Evan is breath taking making the most unique marriage of a group of people. Each personality leads into the next forming the unlikiest of bonds that are so lovable.

I'd love love love to see more from this. Is there a chance of a bit of happy for Daniel?

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I\'m flattered that you would follow up on a recommendation. =) \"Unique marriage of people\"... I\'ve never really though about it like that, but you\'re totally right. That\'s pretty much what it is. =) I think there will be at least two more entries into the series, but definitely with room for me. And I honestly don\'t know how I\'m going to end it yet. Happy for Daniel... Hmm, I\'m not sure. Where he is now, I think it might be hard, since he\'s so devoted to John, and such an intricate part of John. (Which makes it sound like it\'s all about John, but I think Daniel is just as attached as he is.) So I don\'t know. I do know that I\'m *not* pairing Daniel with Vala. So I\'m not sure of who else to give the happy with. Any ideas? Glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reading. =) Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: A Fear of Falling Under