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Summary: Choosing to stay in Pegasus wasn't complicated for the people of Atlantis. What happened next? That was where things got interesting.

Updated: 20 Jun 2011; Published: 01 Oct 2008
Reviewer: Neverwill (Signed)
26 Jun 2009
I really love this series and hope there will be more. Will SG-1 be found so poor Jack won't be alone anymore? Will the Lanteans start using the baby-growing facilities? Will Davinci be a more widely used base (the drones would be a great trade item for use with Earth)?

Maybe the Asgard might be interested in having a small scientific team working there too. The Pegasus galaxy might have answers to help fix their cloning problems. It would be kind of cool to see what Rodney & Radek could come up with when they have someone with that level of knowledge to bounce ideas with.
Chapter 9: Atlantis Chapter Four Sounding the All Clear