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Okay, I'm female, 32 and live in Leicester, UK. Big fan of sci-fi in general and obviously Atlantis :). I'm also a huge slash fan. I'll read anyone with Sheppard...does that make me a Shepslut? I particularly like John/Carson and John/Rodney, and better yet John/Carson/Rodney mmmmm. Edited to add Radek...John/Radek or John/Radek in a threesome (or even foursome) with Carson or Rodney *vbg*.

Oh, and Lorne, as well ;).
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Summary: The team discover an abandoned Ancient outpost and find themselves trapped in a ten thousand year old nightmare.

Categories: General
Characters: Aiden Ford, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: None
Chapters: 23 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 76647; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07 Nov 2005; Published: 09 Aug 2005
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
09 Sep 2005
More *eep*! Poor Rodney, not enough to have the memory of Gaul to contend with, now he has to deal with it staring Jeannie? Hopefully the white light is a good sign, but I fear it's just sending hime onto further misery. I'd wondered whether the game defaultd to them all 'playing' individually, or whether it might only put John on his own as he was the one to pause his challenge. I guess my question has been answered now. I can't wait to see what happens next. Laura.

Author's Response: You know, I hadn't even thought about that! D'oh. Thank you for the kind reviews, I really appreciate every single one!
Chapter 13: Secret Track
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
11 Sep 2005
OMG! Poor Aiden. What happens if you die in the game? Do you have to repeat the level or is it much worse than that? I can't wait to find out. i guess it'll be a wile though, we've still got to see Teyla again, and I'm still waiting to find out what happens to John next, after he passed out in the car crash too. Edge of the seat stuff. Laura.
Chapter 14: Home
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
16 Sep 2005
*meep* That was a tense chapter with them all getting sucked into the illusion despite themselves. I wonder what happens next. Do they go onto the next team level? And how come the guys all ended up back with Teyla now? I'm glad to see that Aiden survived being shot by the Jaffa- I was wondering what would happen if they died in the game. I presume that means Teyla will be unharmed by the next level? I can't wait to find out. Laura. Oh yes, before I forget: Poor John, lets hope he's more careful in approaching Teyla next time. Ouch.
Chapter 15: Catch That Rabbit
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
21 Sep 2005
Oh my ::is stunned::. That was an excellent chapter. Poor guys, drowned like that :(. And poor Rodney- losing his genius IQ would be difficult enough for him to deal with, that it resulted in him being unable to help his friends when they were so close must be terrible for him :(. At least I'm certain (well 99.9% certain) that none of them actually drowned...not that that's going to stop any of them remembering it. Can't wait to see what happens next. Laura.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Poor Rodney, some days I feel bad for being so mean to him...
Chapter 16: Leaving Kansas
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
25 Sep 2005
Oh my! That was a horrible one :(. Excellently written, of course, but I think John actually seeing Rodney killed is the worst it's been so far. I'm curious, maybe it's just me imagining things because John's my favourite, but it seems that he is reacting the worst to this, he's having the most trouble dealing with reliving the experiences even though he's not necessarily reliving the worst situations. Am I just imagining it, or is it getting to John the most because he has the strongest gene? Can't wait to find out. Laura.
Chapter 17: Insensible
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
28 Sep 2005
Loved the John/Rodney talk and I'm glad Rodney's managed to snap John out of his mood. And now there's real progress in getting out of the game :). I can't wait to see what happens in the final level, I suspect it will be somewhat unpleasant (understatement!). Laura.

Author's Response: I wasn't sure about adding the John/Rodney talk - I had written it as a drabble, then decided it fit the moment. I'm glad you liked it!
Chapter 18: Reason
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
02 Oct 2005
Yay, I'm glad they've gotten out of the least, I *assume* they're out now? That last level was disturbing, but I'm glad it's over now. I can't wait to see what happens next. Laura.
Chapter 19: Crazy Things to Do
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
29 Oct 2005
Aha, I had been wondering whether they were still in the game at the seemingly quite simple end level last chapter. Guess that answers that question. Can't wait to see what happens next. Laura.
Chapter 20: Home Again, Home Again
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
29 Oct 2005
OMG. This was very tense and frightening and exciting. I guess we'll have to wait 'til next chapter to see whether they wake up in the game, though I think it's probably a given. Even knowing that, it was very difficult following each of the team member's stories as they fought desperately and ultimately lost their lives. It was very moving that they fought so hard for others, be it refugees or the fate of Earth, even as they knew it would most likely mean their own death. Can't wait to see what happens next. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the feedback, and for sticking with this through the long period without an update! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Chapter 21: End Zone
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
01 Nov 2005
I'm glad they're finally out of the game...they *are*, right? It's sad about the Ancients, but at the same time, I think it was for the best. I can't wait for them to be safely home, though I imagine it will take a little while to get over their experiences in the game. Laura.
Chapter 22: Lemon Soaked Paper Napkins
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Nov 2005
Well, I'm sad that this is finished, but also pleased with the ending. It's great that they're really, finally, back home and that Elizabeth didn't press for too many details, instinctively knowing that it would do more harm than good. I liked how they all gravitated to each other after trying, unsuccessfully, to do there individual things. It was good to see them starting to relax, and it's a great idea for them to get a mini vacation to the beach. It'll give them a chance to relax in a scene that the game didn't trick them into believing was real at some point. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wasn't sure about how long to make the ending, so I'm glad you think it works. Thank you for all the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Chapter 23: The Mourning After
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Summary: Not all relationships start with a bang. Some take time and a lot of patience (and the occasional intervening friend)

Categories: Slash Pairings > Beckett/Sheppard
Characters: Aiden Ford, Carson Beckett, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Hurt Comfort, Pre-slash, Series
Warnings: None
Chapters: 14 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 60063; Completed: No
Updated: 04 Dec 2006; Published: 09 Aug 2005
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
10 Aug 2005
A series of John/Carson? ::snoopy dance:: :). It's already been said by everyone else here, but I really loved how in character they are. Apart from the little bit at the beginning about Ford knowing John's feelings, there really isn't anything to indicate his infatuation...and I mean that as a compliment; he's not gone all hearts and flowers sappy. It's only because we're in the know that we see it as more. I just hope Carson figures it out quickly :). Laura.

Author's Response: "Snoopy Dance" LOL! Buffy has scarred us all, eh? :) I'm glad you like this enough to snoopy dance. :) As for what you're saying about the only evidence about John's crush being the little unsaid thing between him and Ford, I know what you mean. And thanks. :) The plan is for the relationship to develop slowly over the series. Hearts and Flowers stuff really isn't my thing. And I don't know about you, but when I'm sick, I don't want people hanging all over me... so I tend to transpose those feelings onto my characters. Carson would appreciate the concern, but if someone were to start spouting "I love you's" out of the blue, I think he'd dose them up with Haldol so they could both just sleep off their various ailments! :) As for Carson figuring it out quickly... come on! This is *Carson*. Not bloody likely. ;)
Chapter 1: A Pain in the Ass
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
18 Aug 2005
This was sad but excellent. I liked that Rodney was able to recognise his inability to do any good for John, and also that Carson would probably be able to help him. I loved the back and forth between John and Carson as they each talked about some of their feelings. I'm sure Carson must be wrong about John's concern for him though, and he's not really just a convenient outlet for generalised concern. There were a couple of interesting titbits from their pasts here too; John's problem with the drugs, and Carson's work with the terminal children. The hugging was nice too, the way Carson fought not to put his head on John's shoulder for comfort, but was so quick to offer his own shoulder for John. I'm glad John's finally letting some of it out, that he trusts Carson enough to let go of the facade. I'm looking forward to what happens next. Laura.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for the detailed review. You're awesome! As for Carson being wrong... well, yeah, but he's kind of self-effacing, you know. :) I've started part III, so hopefully I'll have it out to you soon. :)
Chapter 2: Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Sep 2005
ANother great chapter...or should that be half chapter? ;). I loved the way John had to keep reminding himself that it wasn't a date, just two friends watching a film...he's got it bad *g*. As for the flashback to John and Rodney's illness; I really felt sorry for them going through all that (even if Rodney was sedated for some of it), and Carson working tirelessly to get them better was spot-on. But I really loved the little touches. Yes, Carson touches people all the time, but his frequent, gentle, strokings of John's hair seemed to be a bit more than the usual to me. The sort of thing you do to comfort someone who is more than your patient- maybe more than a friend? ::is hopeful that he's catching on a little::. He doesn't seem to go for anyone elses hair, more usually it's a shoulder or knee or somesuch. I enjoyed seeing John getting a small chance to care for Carson in return when he arranged him more comfortably on the sofa...and stroked his hair :). I hope Carson *does* decide to move the sense memory of that to the front of his mind. It needs dwelling on until he catches a clue...even Carson can't be *completely* oblivious! ;). Laura.

Author's Response: If you were Carson, wouldn't you sedate Rodney whenever medically permissible? :) And yeah, the boys are a little slow... but they'll get over it. :) Have I mentioned lately that you write the best feedback EVER? You really do.
Chapter 3: A Slip of the Tongue (part A)
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Sep 2005
Lots of "Yay" moments in this bit :). Firstly, yay to Teyla for talking to Rodney; secondly, yay to Rodney for getting all discombobulated about their 'secret'- not only was it amusing to see him rant on, but I also liked his little chat with Carson about how it wasn't impossible, especially after things that even *he* had observed. Thirdly, yay, we now know Carson's feelings for sure...I'd hoped that the hair stroking thing in part a was a conscious action and not done without him even realising it *happy smile*. And lastly, yay, they had a chat and no one hates anyone and they still have a film to watch. I can't wait to see what comes of this newly aware not-date ;). Laura.

Author's Response: Rodney would so stroke out over not being told and finding out by accident. He's also the sort that would assume that something *is* going on, when there isn't. Gossip queen. Glad you're enjoying this so much. :)
Chapter 4: A Slip of the Tongue (part B)
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 Sep 2005
Yay! They've finally figured out that the feelings are mutual :). I liked Carson and John's theories about gene control, both seemed perfectly plausible to me. Their discussion with Teyla about all the idioms was very good- light, informative an interesting, and as John thought, that's what they need more of. And I absolutely loved the fact that John made a move. The kissing was great, and I liked the shyness and awkwardness at the start, and how it gradually vanished until they lost all track of time :). Oh, and Ancient Gameboy? I like it *g*. Laura.
Chapter 5: Getting into Your Genes
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Feb 2006
Silly John. I have to say "Yay" for Carson forgiving him, but telling him once was his limit. I was also pleased to see that John was genuinely apologetic and wanted to make it up to Carson straight away. I loved the careful massage and how it led to the kissing. Also loved John's inventive, if a little evil, blow job, even if items of clothing were sacrificed to the pleasure *g*. Looking forward to more. Laura.
Chapter 12: Do We Need a Rabbit?
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
14 Apr 2006
Great John voice here. I could really see him taking that long walk to try to calm down. I loved his uncertainty about turning up at Carson's, but also how, at the same time, he couldn't think of anywhere else he'd rather go. As for Carson, I loved that he can read John so well, knowing what he needed to calm him down and make him feel a little better, enough that John could talk about things (with a further little bit of scene setting by Carson). And yay, the L word has snuck out. I loved that John had to go in such a round about manner to get to it :). Looking forward to more. Laura.

Author's Response: John's funny to write - sometimes as I'm writing, half way through something 'he' chickens out. Or decides to switch gears on me. That whole speech of his was so not planned. I'm glad the segment worked for you. I was kind of nervous. I wasn't sure how people would feel about their first time not being this big huge romantic thing. Thanks so much for the fantastic feedback.
Chapter 8: Got Your Back
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
01 Jul 2006
Great chapter. Poor Carson, so out of it with the combination of lack of sleep and food and the depression his various experiments have brought him. It was worrying to see that things had gotten so bad that he'd written his resignation latter, but I'm glad he didn't send it. Great job with John too, how he took care of Carson and brought him out of his funk until he was happy to delete his email :). Great characterisations. Laura.
Chapter 13: Delete
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
05 Sep 2006
Some nice moments between John and Radek. I liked John's need to comfort and how that included the touching and it took him awhile to think to ask if Radek was okay with that. It must be hard for John to hold back that need to touch most of the time. Poor Radek :(, I hope Rodney is a little more open minded than just Carter and Katie Brown. I'm glad got his chance to decompress in peace before facing the concern of others. I can see his point, I don't think I'd be able to deal with everyone hovering either. Laura.
Chapter 9: HB VIIIa: Heart to Heart