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Second Verse by Madison [NC-17]
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Summary: Atlantis needs a Rodney McKay. They just don't know that yet.

The warnings are here mostly for safety. This story is darker than my usual fare, but I still firmly believe in the happy ending. There is the death of a major AU character off-screen.

Updated: 29 Nov 2009; Published: 29 Nov 2009
Reviewer: ttt (Signed)
16 Jun 2010
Great fic, loved the plot. The pathos of Rodney and his situation really made the happy ending satisfying.

I usually get really put off stories that feature Sheppard as being better mathematically than McKay, even if it is just a throwaway comment like in this fic. It is not only contrary to what we know about the characters from canon but also not something I am interested in reading about in an AU either. Sheppard's ability to do (fairly basic in the scheme of these things) mental arithmatic (he obviously has a head for numbers and puzzles, but that is not evidence of higher ability) is so far below McKay's intuitve genius that I can't quite get how the trope is so widely believed. Ditto with joining Mensa - a Mensa test means nothing when you are dealing with intelligence as high as McKays. Also, to qualify for Mensa is actually pretty easy - if you can qualify to fly combat helicoptors in the air force you can qualify for Mensa! O'Neill and Mitchell would qualify as well. The website the math genius trope came from has been confirmed as non-canon by the writers and in interviews they have said that John is catagorically not a math genius, yet still it persists. But if people like it then why the hell not? It will never be canon fact but that is what fic is for after all. I would normally have stopped reading when Rodney claimed he could not compete with John in number games ( I think I have actually stopped reading a couple of your other fics for this very reason - I think), but the rest of the story pulled me along and I'm really glad I finished it.

Author's Response: Um, thank you?
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