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Summary: Sequel to Neverland--*Mild SLASH* Sheppard/Mitchell.

Having his mom here was different than having John's parents for a visit. For one thing Cam's mom had no idea about any of John's past. She didn't understand why John was so quiet, so contained, so dedicated to Cam and Rodney and Daniel. She didn't understand why John did their laundry and vacuumed their rooms and cooked their meals. Cam was pretty sure his mom thought John was some kind of glorified housewife to all three of them.

Updated: 28 May 2010; Published: 28 May 2010
Reviewer: karisah (Signed)
30 Jun 2010
Sweet mercy. This series is astonishingly beautiful. You've done a wonderful job at changing our boys but keeping them true to who they are, and you've done a heartbreakingly good job of breaking our John and having Cam there to help. I hope that you have more planned for this series. Thank you so much for sharing.

Author's Response: *blush* Thank you so much. I do have more planned for this series, the next part is in progress. =) Again, thank you, your words mean a lot. Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: Words
Reviewer: karisah (Signed)
14 Jul 2010
Not sure if you've ever heard the song "I Will Keep The Bad Things From You" by The Damnwells, but it reminds me of this series something fierce.

I've just finished my third re-read and am still in awe of every word.

Author's Response: I haven\'t heard of that song, but I shall check it out, thanks for telling me about it. I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying the series. Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: Words