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Summary: "I would give anything for you to be real." (A "Left to Fend" Remix)

Updated: 08 Jul 2006; Published: 08 Jul 2006
Reviewer: spinstitcher (Signed)
29 Nov 2010
um, so. crying now. crying a lot. SO MUCH CRYING, YOU GUYS.

i realise i'm massively late to this fandom/story and it's a bit silly that i signed up to this community just so that i could review but. um. it has been a very long time since any sort of story or work of art, let alone a fanfiction (i thought i'd become immune!) affected me so massively, and i thought that it was worth sharing. this is such an... immeasurably perfect story, in many ways. it tore me in two. i've spent the last few hours crying on and off - i don't even know what set me off first but it was pretty early in the plot.

the ending was bittersweet, but somehow... right? i don't really know. i think i'm a little shell-shocked. it's seven in the morning where i am and i haven't slept yet because i was reading your wonderful, horrible, heartbreakingly beautiful story.

this is so - i can't even quantify what makes this story so incredibly amazing. the pace is so perfect, you managed to hit just the right balance of past and future and in-between events to keep the story rolling and keep me bawling every few thousand words. the characters, oh gosh, the characters. i honestly don't think any of them belong to the tv show anymore, not here, you've stolen them and made them yours and it's utterly gorgeous. there are so many complex layers here and they weave together so well that i can barely fathom it. and through it all such an overwhelming sense of love, and struggle, and joy and pain and life and... this is one of the best things i've read in such a very long time, fanfiction or no.

i think i'm going to go have some tea, and lie down and maybe try to sleep. and think about this more. you've made a beautiful thing here.

Author's Response: Hello. This is Leah, one half of the Leah and Springwoof duo. I wanted to tell you how touched I was by this comment. Your praise is a bit overwhelming, which is why I haven\'t responded before now. All I can say is that I\'m truly grateful for your taking the time and effort to tell us how the story affected you, and that I will remember what you wrote any time I need reassurance that what I\'m doing is worthwhile. I can\'t thank you enough.
Chapter 1: One of One